【Shizuoka】Car Mechanic / Gas Station Staff

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【Shizuoka】Car Mechanic / Gas Station Staff

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Friendly working environment with smiling! Warm welcome new employees!

Job Information

Job Type
Work type
Car mechanic:¥200,000/month, Station staff:¥1,000-1,550/h

Job Requirement

Japanese level
English level
□ Have a valid working visa
□ Conversational level of Japanese
□ A cheerful person
□ A person who wants to work happily
□ Full-time: Person with the second-grade mechanic qualification
□ Part-time: Person who likes to talk with customers

Job Description

①Car mechanic
②Gas station staff

▼Main Duties and Responsibilities
①Check and fixing vehicles
②Customer service in gas stations
①Full-time ¥200,000/ day 
②Part-time ¥1,000-1,550/ hour
▼Working hour
①8hrs/day (1-hour break included)
9:00-16:00/12:00-19:00 (1-hour break included)
Between 8:00-18:00
①Fuji city
②Shizuoka city, Shimada city, Kakegawa city, Fuji city, Fujinomiya city
□ Wage raise is available
□ Uniform will be provided
□ Shift system
□ Able to commute by car/motorbike

You may choose where you want to work from East to West since they run 8 service stations in Shizuoka prefecture.
The workspace atmosphere is friendly and everyone seems happy to work.

About Company

Saitou Sekiyu

Saito Sekiyu is a company reaching the 100th anniversary of our foundation in August, 2021.
With the goal of enriching the lives of our customers, we are engaged in a wide range of businesses, including energy supply, water supply and drainage facilities, and the designated management and operation of parks and health promotion facilities. And we do training such as waiting on customers (hospitality), taking on the role as "a life concierge" and training and OJT leading to skill up positively.

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