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【Osaka】Scaffolding Assembly and Dismantling Jobs Based on the Local Community

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【Osaka】Scaffolding Assembly and Dismantling Jobs Based on the Local Community

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Inexperienced/ beginners welcome!

Job Information

Job Type
Work Type
10,000 ~ / day

Job Requirement

Japanese Level
English Level
□ Has Permanent, Long-term, Spouse status of residence
□ Resides near Osaka area
□ Can communicate in basic Japanese
□ Can work in high places

Job Description

▼Main Duties and Responsibilities
Builds, positions, or dismantles scaffolds according to sketches, blueprints, or company standards to build buildings in a construction site as requested.
¥10,000~/day (inexperienced)
¥12,000~/day (experienced)
▼Work Hours
8:00~17:00 (It may differ depending on projects/sites)
*Allowance will be provided for overtime work
▼Work Location
It depends on the construction projects (basically within Yao City, Osaka).
Sundays, Summer holidays, Year-end and New Years, other holidays (company's regulation)

□ Insurances
□ Transportation fees will be covered (within regulations)
□ Health check
□ Allowances (for overtime, constructor certification, etc.)
□ Able to receive support to get a constructor certification

Since the establishment of the company, we have been working in the field every day to improve our technical skills to meet the needs of local customers, and as a result of our efforts to satisfy a wide range of customers, we have earned their trust. We are looking forward to hearing from you if you are interested in working for our company to contribute to the community and to make our customers happy.

About Company

Shibata Giken
We assemble and dismantle scaffolding for construction work at high elevations mainly in Yao. Experienced steeplejacks, who are well versed in scaffolding work, take care of everything from scaffolding to dismantling by utilizing their rich experience and skills. All of our staff always have a sense of responsibility that they are entrusted with important work.

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