【Tokyo, Saitama】120 Day-Off/Year! Be Yourself To Be Nursing Care Staff!

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【Tokyo, Saitama】120 Day-Off/Year! Be Yourself To Be Nursing Care Staff!

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Reflect your ideas through your work. Our characteristic is the management being subdivided. Every group handles its independent profit so your opinion can be reflected and adopted by the office management.

Job Information

Job Type
Work type

Job Requirement

Japanese level
English level

□ Have a valid working visa(Permanent, Long-term, Spouse and Nursing Care)
□ Business level of Japanese
□ Have an initial training nursing qualification or other nursing care qualification

Job Description

▼Job Contents
・Taking care of physical support
・Life support work (bathing assistance, meal assistance, toilet assistance, and other work)
・Accompany the elderly outside
・Escort the elderly to the hospital
Registered supporter:
Life support: 1,400yen/hour
Physical Care: 2,300yen/hour
*First 40hrs hourly wage is -300yen
Contracted supporter: 1,600yen/hour
【Full Time】
Initial training: 240,000yen/month
Above Practical Training :273,000yen/month
*Training period is 40hrs
▼Working time
*Depends on working location
【Akebono Nursing Care Center】
Ouji/ Tokyo, KIta-ku, Toyoshima1-37-6-2F ★Just opened June, 2020

Nakano/ Tokyo, Nakano-ku, Arai1-12-14 Shujitsu Kensetsu Honsha(秀光建設本社)ビル6F
Kyoudo/ Tokyo, Setagaya-ku, Kyoud1-27-13 Dearcourt Kyoudo(ディアコート経堂)103
Sakuradai/ Tokyo, Nerima-ku,Sakuradai1-15-1
Souka/ Saitama, Sousa, Hikawa-cho2163-5 1F
Nakamurabashi/ Tokyo, Nerima-ku,Nukui4-2-31 Fujimidai Haitsu(富士見台ハイツ)1F
Asagaya/ Tokyo, Suginami-ku, Asagaya south3-3-1 Takado building(戸門ビル)B1F
Hachimanyama/ Tokyo, Setagaya-ku, Hachimanyama3-9-7
Nakanominami/ Tokyo, Nakano-ku, Honcho 5-38-11 102
Toubunerima/ Tokyo, Itabashi-ku, Tokumaru1-12-13 Koyo house building(コウヨウハウスビル)102
Yotsuya/ Tokyo, Shinjuku-ku, Shinanomachi11-21 Matsumoto building 1F
★ALL facility is actively recruiting
□ Transportation fee covered(Up to ¥20,000)
□ Social insurances covered
□ Overwork allowance (excess of expected overwork)
□ Qualification allowance

□ Treatment improvement allowance
□ Babysitter support system
□ Nursery school available (we own nursery school in Nakano-ku)
□ Non-smoking office

□ House rent allowance (If you are single, dormitory is available and Up to ¥30,000 covered/Transportation fee is covered for housing contract procedure)
□ Pay leave system
□ Qualification acquisition support system (We cover full lesson fees of practical training school)

About Company

Care gate Inc., having a backbone in the infrastructure industry, provides “medical care personnel training, a wide supply to the market” and was founded as a group company in 2006. We develop a business with medical pro-care human resources dispatch and home health care at the core, around Tokyo, Kanagawa, Saitama, and Chiba.
Planning care visits to our users is one of our main duties. Applicants you have not completed practitioner training can qualify after entering our company, with our full support. You will be in charge of working as a full-scale service provider after qualifying.

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