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【Yokohama】Facility Security・Traffic Guard Staff

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【Yokohama】Facility Security・Traffic Guard Staff

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Congratulatory fee for company entry & more benefits!

Job Information

Job Type
Work type
¥210,000 /month

Job Requirement

Japanese level
English level
□ Have one of the following status of residence: Permanent, Long-term, or Spouse Visa
□ Business level of Japanese
□ Can greet cheerfully
□ No experience needed
□ Reading and writing skills of Japanese for daily use

Job Description

▼Job Content
You will guide customers, and patrol popular tourist facilities, or guard parking and factories.
¥210,000 /month
(¥8,096 /day for 4 days classroom training period)
▼Working hour
Shift system according to your preferences. 
8:00~17:00/9:30~18:30/11:00~20:00/13:00~22:00(include 1hour break)
8:45~20:45/20:45~8:45(include 1hour break)
2 days off a week (depend on your shift)
It depends on the facility guarding.
Office Location:
BLA Yokohama West Exit Building 9F, 1-3 Kusunoki-cho, Nishi-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa 220-0003
5 minutes walk from the west exit of Yokohama Station
▫Congratulatory fee for company entry (there are regulations)
▫Paid leave system
▫Uniform rental
▫Transportation fees will be fully paid
▫Social Insurance
▫Salary increase system
Please tell us a lot about you in the interview. If you have any concerns or desired work styles, please feel free to ask at the time of the interview. We will inform you the pass or fail decision as soon as possible after the interview. If you have a work starting date request, such as wanting to work immediately, please feel free to let us know at the time of the interview.

About Company

Toyowork Security Yokohama Office

Toyowork Security is one of the largest security companies in the Tohoku head office with approximately 2,400 employees. Currently, we have been expanding the scale of our business all over Japan as we opened sales offices in the Kanto area. Our policy is to create a safe and secure city, also we are focusing on human resource development with the motto of "cultivating people."

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