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【Aichi】Nursing Home Staff!

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【Aichi】Nursing Home Staff!

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It is an environment where foreigners can work easily

Job Information

Job Type
Work type

Job Requirement

Japanese level
English level
• Have a Permanent, Long-term, Spouse or Dependent visa
• Conversational level of Japanese
• Persons who have received the initial training
• Must be able to work 8 hours a day, at least 3 days a week
• Can do simple cooking

Job Description

▼Job Content
・Daily life support (Assistance with meals, bathing, toileting, dressing)
・Housekeeping support (Cooking, Cleaning, etc.)
・Support for transportation when the customer goes out (walking, etc.)
・Planning and management of recreational activities (About 4 times a year)
・Attendance at meeting, preparation of document, etc.
▼Working hour
Shift System
*No night shifts and overtime hours
Working only on the weekends and holidays is permitted too.
Kamishinano-cho, Seto City, Aichi Prefecture 1388-14 (Nearest station: Owari Seto)
• Support for acquiring qualifications and allowances
• Available: Unemployment insurance, Pension Insurance, Worker’s accident Insurance and Health Insurance

About Company

Kousonju Co., Ltd.

Kousonju run nursing home is an old small house with rich nature in Seto, Aichi consisted with 8 residents and 7 staff members. In our home, you would feel like visiting a relative’s house or your grandmother’s house as you can enjoy a relaxing time in our house surrounded by nature. Even if you are inexperienced, please feel free to apply because we got experienced members who would teach you the job terms accurately.
The Director of the facility has a wonderful smile, and everyone enjoys working here.

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