【Shiga, Koka】Dormitory available! Manufacturing work at factory!

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【Shiga, Koka】Dormitory available! Manufacturing work at factory!

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You can live in a dormitory with a free-parking lot!

Job Information

Job Type
Work type

Job Requirement

Japanese level
English level
・Have one of the following visa:Permanent, Long-term, Spouse visa
・Can communicate in basic Japanese

Job Description

▼Main Responsibilities
【Press section】
・Put the material in the press machine
・Inspect product and store in the rack
【Welding section】
・Setting and taking out work of processed parts

*You may need to handle things about 15kg, but there are some jobs that women can do!
・Basic Salary ¥1,400/hour

>Allowances applied
・Night shift allowance (extra charge) ¥350/hour
・Overtime work allowance ¥1,750/hour
・Holiday pay ¥1,750/hour
▼Working Hours
① 08:00~17:00 (1-hr break)
② 19:00~4:00 (1-hr break)
Training period for the first 2 weeks
▼Work Location
Shiga, Kouka
・20 minutes by car from Kibukawa station-JR Kusatsu Line
・10 minutes by car from Koukatsuchiyama Interchange, Shin-Meishin Expressway

・Annual holidays 120 days
・Paid holidays
・Long vacation (Golden Week, Summer vacation, Winter vacation)
・Able to live in a dormitory (Parking available)
・Cafeteria available
・Transportation fee covered (up to \30,000/month)
・Able to commute by car (Free-parking available)
・Social insurance covered(health insurance, welfare pension insurance, employment insurance, workers’ accident compensation insurance)

About Company

Out-Sourcing inc.

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