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【Kansai Area】 Part Time English Teacher for Children

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【Kansai Area】 Part Time English Teacher for Children

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Job training and transportation fully reimbursed! Able to work from once in a week.

Job Information

Job Type
Language・Education / English Teacher
Work Type
Part time
Kyoto All Areas / Osaka All Areas / Hyogo All Areas / Shiga All Areas
2,000 ~ 2,400 / hour

Job Requirement

Japanese Level
English Level
We are seeking teachers for our international team who:
・are native (or native-level) English speakers
・are culturally sensitive, professional, and have excellent communication skills
・are passionate about teaching children (mainly students under 12 years old)
・can easily build a rapport with young students and their families
・are CURRENTLY living in Japan, have permission to work and can attend
interviews in Osaka

Job Description

If you enjoy having fun with children or being part of witnessing their growth and development, BE studio may be a good place for you:

・Prepare for the lessons (set up the classroom, review lesson plans, clean up materials)
・Deliver 40 or 60-minute group lessons (maximum of 8 students/class)
・Work together with school staff to provide high-quality lessons and customer service.
・Deliver special lessons and participate in seasonal events.
・All lesson plans will be provided and related materials will be ready at each school location.
・Work hours: lessons are generally between 10:00-19:00*
・Work days**: mainly Tuesday to Saturday.
* work schedules may vary according to the classroom
**some classrooms have Monday classes.

Teachers have set weekly classes to teach students from mainly 1-12 years old.
Schools are often located inside shopping centers for convenience and concentrated customer traffic.
The teacher will deliver lessons to enhance students’ language, social and communication skills.

About Company

Benesse BE studio Inc.
■About BE studio
BE studio has been providing language learning services to young learners for over 40 years in Japan. As members of the Benesse Group, BE studio provide a variety of enjoyable and challenging English language programs.
BE studio values students '"BE YOURSELF" and "WANT TO BE".
We believe that every student is different and that there are 100 different stories in our classroom for 100 students. BE studio aims to support the development of our students, to be able to work together with people from all over the world, where they can create new values through collaboration and communication that involves not only language but also their "will" and "heart".

■Why BE Studio
・Children focused program: fun and exciting work environment
・Ownership: depending on the program, you will have a fixed schedule, supporting the same groups of students all year long.
・Work hours: Lessons normally end around 18:00-19:00*.
・Professional development: workshops available every month, assigned trainer and/or mentor per teacher.
・Exciting events: e.g. English concerts welcome thousands of students to sing, dance, and have a great time, English Day camps etc.