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【Tokyo】Permanent Employee Wanted for Civil Engineering Work and Agricultural Projects!

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TOP > 【Tokyo】Permanent Employee Wanted for Civil Engineering Work and Agricultural Projects!

【Tokyo】Permanent Employee Wanted for Civil Engineering Work and Agricultural Projects!

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Bonus twice a year! It's a great working environment for both men and women!

Job Information

Job Type
Construction / Civil Engineering
Work Type
・Machida, Tokyo
・Mine, Yamaguchi Pref.
250,000 ~ 400,000 / month

Job Requirement

Japanese Level
English Level
□ Can work at least 6 days per week, 8 hours per day
□ Japanese conversational level: Can make simple conversation
□ Japanese reading and writing level: Can read hiragana and katakana
□ Have a valid working visa
□ Have a driver’s license in Japan
□ People welcome who is able to speak business level of English

Job Description

▼Job Responsibilities
We are looking for people who can work in the following two positions. First, you will be in charge of construction work (below ②), and then, depending on your performance, you will be in charge of agriculture in Yamaguchi Prefecture(below ①).

----- ① New project (agriculture) -----
We will cultivate tropical fruits such as mango, passion fruit and mangosteen in Mine City, Yamaguchi Prefecture.
By producing new fruits as local specialities in the future, we aim to develop fruit cultivation into a major industry and "create a local community" in Mine City, Yamaguchi Prefecture.

----- ② General Civil Engineering Construction Business -----
□ General civil engineering works
- Road extension work
- Construction of building lots
We build roads and pavements so that people can pass safely. We also improve the roadbed and resurface it.

□ Water sewer pipes construction
- Water supply facilities
- Installation and replacement of drainage pipes
- Earthquake proofing
We remove the existing water pipes and install earthquake-resistant water pipes. We help to deliver safe and delicious tap water.

□ Construction of sports facilities
- Ground maintenance work
- Construction of Park
- Installation of ball prevention nets
We carry out ground foundation work for parks, removal of structures and paving of paths. We build a park that local people and children can use with peace of mind.

250,000-400,000 yen/month (it depends on Japanese skill)

▼Working Days and Hours
- 7:00 Morning assembly
- 9:00 Arrive at working sites
- 18:00 Finish working
* No overtime work

- Basically on Sunday
- Summer and New Year holidays / approx. 145 days off per year

6 months of training is required before becoming a regular employee.
*The salary is daily calculated and paid a month.

▼Company Location
639-1 Zushimachi, Machida, Tokyo

▼Work Location
<General Civil Engineering Construction Business>
Construction sites: Mainly in Tokyo
Office: 1639-1, Zushimachi, Machida, Tokyo
- 30 mins away from Machida Station.
Take a bus bound for Notsuda Shako from Machida Bus Terminal (platform 11), get off at Zushi, and walk for about 2 minutes.

- Qualification allowance
- Pension
- Social insurance
- Dormitory available (one-room flat, rent from 30,000 yen / breakfast and dinner included)
- Transportation expenses
(Up to 15,000 yen for both cars and trains)
- Free parking lot
- Bonus twice a year
- Employee trip twice a year (spring and autumn)
- If you have N2 we have support to get a lot of qualifications

New projects involve travel to Mine City, Yamaguchi Prefecture.

▼Home Page

About Company

The Advance-K Group consists of "Kaihatsukikou Co., Ltd.", "Kyoushinkaihatsu Co., Ltd." and "KUROKO Consulting Co., Ltd."and develops a comprehensive business for a realization of a safe communitiy renovation. The issues surrounding the construction industry is changing fast. In particular, the decrease in the working population due to the declining birthrate and aging population has become a cross-industry issue. Since our founding, our philosophy has been "Constantly maintaining a high quality living environment to lead a safe life", and we reckon it must be realized while facing various issues. In the Advance-K Group, each company is a professional utilizing its own speciality, at the same time, the three companies complement each other by uniting tightly, and we are convinced that it is a best way to realize our management philosophy, "With reliable technology, design a safe community".