【Kanagawa,Yokohama】We are currently looking for a security guard for traffic guidance!

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【Kanagawa,Yokohama】We are currently looking for a security guard for traffic guidance!

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We're looking for security guards! No experience is necessary.

Job Information

Job Type
Guard / Traffic Officer・Event Security
Work Type
Yokohama City All Areas, Kanagawa Pref. ・ Yokohamashi Konan-ku, Kanagawa Pref.
9,000 ~ / day

Job Requirement

Japanese Level
English Level
□ Can work at least 3 days per week, 8 hours per day
□ Japanese conversational level: Can freely talk about daily situations
□ Japanese reading and writing level: N3
□ Knowledge of Japanese traffic rules!

Job Description

▼Job Responsibilities
We will be working at about 3 to 4 telecommunication construction sites per day, mainly in Yokohama City, and will be accompanying vehicles to work at higher grounds and providing traffic guidance at the sites. Since we are working for a major telecommunications company, good manners and work ethic are essential. We ask that you provide security to ensure the safety of residents in the vicinity of the site and prevent traffic congestion.

・Inexperienced: 9,000 yen~
・Experienced workers: 10,000 yen ~
・Traffic Guidance Security Service Level 2 holder 10,500 yen~
・Daily/weekly/monthly payment

▼Contract Period
No fixed term

▼Working Days and Hours
Day shift 8:00-17:00 / Night shift 20:00-5:00(Once or twice a week)
Break time:1hour

▼Overtime Details
A few hours per month (some months there is no overtime)

Dependent on shifts, GW, Summer, Year-end and New Year

Training: Legal training available (20 hours for inexperienced workers/10 hours for experienced workers) *During the training period, employees are treated as regular employees.
Trial period: Trial period: 3 months (No change in conditions)

▼Company Location
Kanagawa,Yokohama, Kanazawa-ku, Sachiura, 2-21-3

▼Work Location
Meet at the office in Hino, Konan-ku, Yokohama (the nearest station is Kaminagaya Station), and then travel to various locations in the city.

▼Available Insurance
If the conditions are met, all employees are entitled to social insurance, employment insurance, and industrial accident insurance.

Loan of uniform
Free rental of smart phones
Merit allowance
Transportation expenses paid (regular fare)
Salary increase
Support for qualification acquisition
Various allowances
Qualification allowance
Legal training available
Housing mediation
60,000 yen as a gift for joining the company (※Following company's regulations)

▼Smoking Information
Smoking area available

Legal training by the supervisor in charge of instruction and education upon entering the company. 
Inexperienced workers: 20 hours (3 days)
Experienced workers: 10 hours (2 days)
In order for inexperienced workers to feel at ease in the field, they will be accompanied by an experienced worker for about 6 months to learn the basics before becoming independent.

About Company

Qs Corporation
We provide traffic guidance at our parent company's telecommunications construction site.