【Oyama City, Tochigi】Packing work of double-glazing glass

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【Oyama City, Tochigi】Packing work of double-glazing glass

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Japanese beginners welcome! Vietnamese are active!
No experience welcome!

Job Information

Job Type
Manufacturing / Assembly・Processing・Inspection
Work Type
Oyama, Tochigi Pref.
1,100 ~ / hour

Job Requirement

Japanese Level
English Level
□ Can work at least 5 days per week, 8 hours per day
□ Japanese conversational level: Can speak basic Japanese
□ Japanese reading and writing level: Can read hiragana and katakana
□ Inexperienced workers welcome
□ People who can work for a long time
□ Permanent resident visa, permanent resident visa, spouse visa for Japanese nationals, spouse visa for permanent residents, Japanese nationals

Job Description

▼Job Responsibilities
Work at a residential double glazing glass manufacturing plant.
This work involves finishing, inspecting, and packaging completed insulating glass before shipment. Insulating glass is attracting attention for its energy-saving effects and its effectiveness in combating global warming. You can work at the largest manufacturer of double glazing glass for a long time with no worries.
Even if you have no experience, we will teach you the work carefully, so you will be fine.
Currently, many Vietnamese are working at the plant. Those who are not good at Japanese and Vietnamese speakers are also welcome.

1,100 yen per hour (1,375 yen per hour from 22:00 to 5:00)
Transportation expenses (maximum 30,000yen, as specified)

▼Contract Period
No fixed term of contract

▼Working Days and Hours
2 shifts (every week)
9:00 - 17:45 ・21:00 - 5:45
(7 hours and 45 minutes of actual work)
60 minutes break (15 minutes break for overtime work)

▼Overtime Details
Approximately 20 to 30 hours per month

Saturdays, Sundays, national holidays, summer vacation, year-end and New Year vacations

Yes (6 months)* Conditions are the same.

▼Company Location
Terauchi Building 2F West, 3-16-18, Joto, Oyama-shi, Tochigi-ken

▼Work Location
Kayabashi, Oyama City, Tochigi Prefecture

▼Available Insurance
Employment insurance, workers' accident compensation insurance, health insurance, employees' pension

・Transportation expenses are provided (stipulated, up to 30,000 yen).
・Uniforms are lent free of charge.
・Car, bicycle, and motorcycle commuting OK (free parking available)
・Paid vacations

▼Smoking Information
Smoking is allowed only in designated smoking areas.

No experience necessary
Japanese beginners welcome
Many Vietnamese are currently working here.

About Company

Miyoshi Co., Ltd.
Miyoshi Corporation is engaged in outsourced contracting and temporary staffing business mainly in the northern Kanto region.
We support companies and human resources by focusing on creating a comfortable work environment, such as acquiring certification as a corporation with excellent health management.