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Part-time English Teacher for Adult

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Part-time English Teacher for Adult

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*Must currently reside in Japan *Your English speaking level must be native-speaker level. *Your Japanese level must be daily conversation level. *You must have a gramatical knowledge. *You must have an ability to teach beginner level. *You must follow our teaching style and method. *You must use a powerpoint file and projector. *Responsible and serious about teaching.

Job Description

【Closest station】Akihabara(JR) Suehiro-cho(Ginza line)

We are looking for part-time English teachers for business people. Main job is preparing for lessons and teaching English with a powerpoint and projector. We have a training to do classes with our method. Hopefully we want new teachers to understand that we should not be so much a teacher as a coach. Responsible and creative people are quite welcomed. We don't much care about your teaching experience. Even if you have no experience, please feel free to contact us. Transportation fee will be paid less than 500 yen pre a day.

About Company

Leon English School

Leon English school is private English conversational school for a business person. It's located within 7 min walk from JR Akihabara station, 2 min from Suehiro-cho station Ginza line. There'll be 2-10 students from begginer level to advanced level. Sometimes we have big parties and events.

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