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Write Japanese articles using language skills and operate media!

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Write Japanese articles using language skills and operate media!

Job Information

Job Type
Work type
¥1,000/h 〜

Job Requirement

Japanese level
English level

・You need a language that you can use at native level other than Japanese and English.Because I write articles in languages other than Japanese and English.
・Because the office is a female only office, recruitment is limited to women.
· Currently living in Japan. Or have a work visa and a student visa.
· Staff and in Japanese, it can be a conversation of a minimum level
· I have a language that I can use at native level (any language is acceptable)
· People who can translate in the office at least once or twice a week (weekdays)
· I am interested in Japanese life and culture
· I am interested in writing articles

Job Description

【Nearest station】 Harajuku or Ebisu

As a work content, you write Japanese information on this site and send it to the world.
Japanese culture and, meal, write to the article HOT information such as tourist destination.
In addition to writing articles, you will also need to do translation and other work, depending on your skills.
Work on writing articles can also work remotely if you get used to it, so please consult us once.

About Company

"[What is TripPartner (Trip Partner)? 】
TripPartner is a company that is doing ""inbound business"", one of the most noteworthy projects at the moment. It is a company aiming at No. 1 quality of guide with guide matching service connecting travelers and guides.
Unlike travel agencies that sell travel content and plans, we regard travel and ties with people as the real pleasure of traveling.
Together with a guide with professional knowledge and experience, we are making a service that will make ""traveling selfish"" aimed at the particularly rich people of the rapidly growing foreigners who visit Japan.
We are promoting partnerships with companies and organizations that have high-quality guide candidates in various fields from time to time and content volumes are rising day by day. At the same time, we also received offers for media appeal and publications for each media, and we are planning to develop overseas marketing in the future."

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