【Tokyo, Nerima-ku】 Stable income! Comprehensive waterproofing engineer wanted!


【Tokyo, Nerima-ku】 Stable income! Comprehensive waterproofing engineer wanted!

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Comprehensive waterproofer job where you can make use of your experience.
You can earn a stable income of over 230,000 yen per month.
You are free to wear any clothes and can commute by bike to work.

Job Information

Job Type
Construction / Painting・Waterproofing
Work Type
・Saitama All Areas, Saitama Pref.
・Chiba All Areas, Chiba Pref.
・Tokyo All Areas, Tokyo
・Kanagawa All Areas, Kanagawa Pref.
230,000 ~ 400,000 / month

Job Requirement

Japanese Level
English Level
□ Can work at least 5 days per week, 8 hours per day
□ Japanese conversational level: Can speak basic Japanese
□ Japanese reading and writing level: N5
□ Experience preferred.
□ Salary increases as needed.
□ Transportation expenses paid, bonuses available.

Job Description

▼Job Responsibilities
【General waterproofing contractor】
-We have a wide range of construction jobs related to various types of waterproofing work.
- We apply waterproofing materials to the roofs of buildings and houses to prevent water leakage.
- Performs waterproofing work in various locations and plays an important role in protecting buildings.
- Working with a team, we are also responsible for repairing and sealing exterior walls.

Would you like to join us in this important work to protect everyone's lives from leaks? You can work in a fulfilling environment where you can easily utilize your experience and improve your skills.
If you are looking for a secure and long-lasting workplace, please apply.

- Monthly salary: Starts at 230,000 yen
- Salary increase: Opportunity for salary increase at any time (depending on experience)
- Bonus: Bonus depending on the year (once a year)
- Allowance: All transportation expenses paid
- Overtime allowance: Included in monthly salary (almost no overtime work)
- Daily wages range from 12,000 yen to 20,000 yen
- For daily wages, 12,000 to 20,000 yen
(Depends on experience.)

▼Contract Period
No fixed term of contract

▼Working Days and Hours
【Working Hours】

【Break time】
At least 1 to 2 hours (depending on the site)

【Minimum working hours】
8 hours

【Minimum working days】
5 days

【Days of the week when you can work】
Sunday, Holidays

▼Overtime Details
Basically none.

Sundays, national holidays, year-end and New Year holidays, GW vacation, summer vacation

Trial period: 2 months

▼Company Location
2-36-4 Shimo-shakujii, Nerima-ku, Tokyo

▼Work Location
Company Name: Shinada Waterproof Industry
Closest Station: Seibu Shinjuku Line - Kami-igusa Station
Address: 2-36-4 Shimo-ishakujii, Nerima-ku, Tokyo
Access: 5-minute walk from Kami-igusa Station, bike commuting possible

Work sites are all over Tokyo, Saitama, Chiba, and Kanagawa.

▼Available Insurance
Social insurance

- Salary increase as needed
- Traffic expenses paid
- Bonus
- Sundays off, national holidays, year-end and New Year vacations, GW vacation, summer vacation
- Commuting by car is possible

▼Smoking Information
None in particular

About Company

Shinada Waterproof Industry Co.
Shinada Waterproof Industry is a construction company that performs waterproofing work at large-scale repair sites for buildings, houses, and condominiums.
We are looking for people who can work together and grow with us as we expand our business.
If you acquire expertise and skills in waterproofing, it will be an asset that will last a lifetime.
We are looking for people regardless of academic background, age, gender, or experience.

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