【Chiba, Ichikawa】 Steel Pipe Manufacturing, Welding, Inspection Workers Wanted!!


【Chiba, Ichikawa】 Steel Pipe Manufacturing, Welding, Inspection Workers Wanted!!

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Steel pipe manufacturing in a factory, 1,600 yen /hour!
Work hours can be selected, company cafeteria and lockers are provided!
Support for qualification acquisition is available, and there is a substantial pay raise system!

Job Information

Job Type
Manufacturing / Welding・Machining・Metal Painting
Work Type
・Ichikawa, Chiba Pref.
1,600 ~ / hour

Job Requirement

Japanese Level
English Level
□ Can work at least 5 days per week, 8 hours per day
□ Japanese conversational level: Can speak about politics and complex situations
□ Japanese reading and writing level: Can read hiragana and katakana
□ Permanent resident, permanent resident, or spouse visa holders

Job Description

▼Job Responsibilities
You will learn how to make steel pipes and help us create these important pipes.

- Work to go inside steel pipes and weld them
- Cleaning up welded steel pipes
- Checking that the finished steel pipes are well made

1,600 per hour with pay raise
Overtime allowance of 1.25 times the hourly wage
Additional allowance is given for late night work.
Transportation expenses are paid up to 12,827 yen based on regulations

An example of monthly income is possible from 250,000 yen to more than 330,000 yen. Specifically, the basic salary is 248,000 yen for 155 hours, 60,000 yen for 30 hours of overtime work, and 24,000 yen for 60 hours of late-night allowance.

▼Contract Period
Renewal every 3 months

▼Working Days and Hours
Working hours
(1) 08:00 - 16:45 (7.75 hours of work, 45 minutes break)
(2) 21:00 - 06:00 (7.75 working hours, 60-minute break)

Work period
Renewal every 3 months

Days of the week when you can work
Monday - Friday

Break time
Day shift: 45 min.
45 minutes for day shift, 60 minutes for night shift

▼Overtime Details
Overtime: 30 hours per month

Holidays are Saturdays, Sundays, and national holidays, according to the factory fiscal year holiday calendar. Weekends off are two days per week.

The training will be conducted at a training facility called "Technical Farm" in Yodogawaku, Yodogawa-ku, Osaka City, Osaka.
Salary will be paid during the training period. (8,200 yen per day)
Lodging facilities are available for 2000 yen per day (one-room type).
The company will cover the cost of transportation to and from the technical farm (Osaka City, Osaka).

▼Work Location
Address: Ichikawa-shi, Chiba
Closest Station: 6 minutes by car from Futamata Shinmachi Station

▼Available Insurance
Various types of social insurance

- Traffic expenses paid (with stipulations)
- Weekly payment (advance payment system)
- Locker equipped
- Break room
- Company cafeteria
- Qualification support system available
- No smoking indoors (smoking room outside)
-Dormitory available

▼Smoking Information
No smoking indoors, smoking room outside

You can start with a tour of the workplace.
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