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Security Staff Jobs: A Wide Range of Positions and Locations in Japan
Jan 17, 2024
6 min read
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Security staff work in a variety of positions security-related jobs, such as event staff, security guards, traffic guidance workers and more. Security staff jobs in Japan are extremely abundant and can be found in a wide variety of locations.

This article introduces a wide range of security staff job opportunities in Japan. It is full of useful information for those interested in security and looking for work. We hope you find something useful for your search!

Things to Keep In Mind When Looking for Security Staff Jobs in Japan

Language Proficiency Requirements:

A certain level of Japanese is required to work as a security staff in Japan. In order to communicate smoothly with clients and other staff, it’s best if you understand not only everyday conversation, but technical terms too.

In the field of event security and traffic guidance security, you need to share information smoothly with clients and other staff members. In addition, you must be able to communicate accurate and prompt instructions in case of emergencies.

Obtain the Appropriate Visa:

It is important for foreign nationals working as security staff to obtain the appropriate visas. To ensure the work visa application process is completed properly, it’s best if the company you apply for assists you in the process. Also, be aware of the relevant documents and conditions. It is also important to apply with a detailed description of your specific job, such as "event security" or "traffic guidance security”.

Understanding Japanese Labor Laws and Regulations:

Understanding Japanese labor laws and regulations is very important when working as security staff. Safety and compliance with the law are especially important for jobs such as event security and traffic guidance security. And having knowledge of basic working conditions, such as working hours and breaks, will help you avoid problems after signing a contract and perform your duties smoothly.

When searching for security staff jobs, carefully read the employment contract and workplace regulations. These documents will specify specific duties and areas of responsibility. Working in a cross-cultural environment also requires good communication skills.

It is important to not only have Japanese language skills, but also to be able to communicate with others in a way that you can fully understand each other.

Advantages of Working as Security Staff in Japan

Image credits: Canva.com

There are two advantages to working as a security staff in Japan. First, you will gain a reputation as a professional in your work, as a high level of safety and reliability is required. Secondly, it will help you grow your career and acquire skills.

High Safety and Reliability

There are many job opportunities with companies that have strict security measures in place. Japan is known for its low crime rate and stable work environment. In addition, security staff are trusted and highly regarded, and it is easy to expand your career path into the future.

As the percentage of elderly people in Japan is increasing, the demand for young security staff who can understand Japanese language will continue to increase.

Career Growth and Skill Acquisition

In this field there are jobs available in a wide range of positions and locations: event venues, commercial facilities, office buildings, and a variety of other options.

・Security staff at event venues

・Security staff at commercial facilities

・Security staff at office buildings, etc.

As a security staff, you will have many opportunities to learn the latest technologies and methodologies, and gain expertise and experience such as:

・Opportunities to learn about the latest surveillance systems and access control technology

・Hazardous materials handling certification

・First aid training etc.

You will also have the opportunity to work on strong teamwork and crisis management skills for personal growth including:

・Improved ability to work with team members to assess situations

・Ability to create and implement response measures in the event of a regular incident, etc.

Security Staff Jobs in Japan by Location

Image credits: Canva.com


There are a variety of security staff jobs available in Tokyo where workers often work at major commercial facilities and event venues, and are required to utilize their communication and judgment skills.

Security staff are needed for a variety of events, including concerts and exhibitions. They contribute to the security of visitors and the maintenance of order, and support the smooth operation of events.

There is also a need for security check staff at transportation facilities and airports where they are required to provide reliable services to the transportation system and its users through baggage checks and patrol activities.

If you're looking for security jobs in Tokyo, check out this job page here.


Demand for security staff is also increasing in Osaka Prefecture. Positions are available at tourist attractions and exhibition venues, as well as opportunities to work as security personnel at commercial facilities such as shopping malls and entertainment facilities. Strategic thinking and cooperative skills are required.


Hokkaido is also looking for security staff in ski resort areas for the winter season. You may even find premium positions in high-end hotels and onsen ryokans responsible for guest and property protection. People with extensive experience are welcome for jobs based in Hokkaido, as workers are required to endure severe cold weather and special roles such as runway monitoring are also applicable.


Companies in Fukuoka Prefecture are primarily seeking security staff for lodging facilities and amusement parks. You might also find positions to operate surveillance cameras and manage clientele in downtown and nightclub areas. A service mindset and problem-solving skills are important.

Other prefectures also have a variety of security staff positions available. You can work in places such as stages, live music venues, and facilities. Flexibility and responsiveness are required.

Security Staff Jobs Are a Great Place to Start in Japan

Image credits: Canva.com

These are just a few examples of security staff jobs in Japan in a wide range of occupations and locations. There are ample opportunities for non-Japanese to be active in the industry, so we encourage you to give it a try.

Check out this security staff job in Shinjuku we recommend!

[Nippon Sogo Security Co., Ltd. Shinjuku Office] Security Staff Wanted!

Nippon Sogo Security are looking for 20 employees for their newly opened Shinjuku sales office. If you can work 4 or more days a week and speak conversational Japanese then we’re sure this will be a great opportunity for you!

Job Type: Guard / Traffic Officer・Event Security \ Work Type: Regular Employee \ Location: Nishi-Shinjuku \ Salary: ¥13,000 ~ 15,500 / day

This job welcomes freelancers, people with gaps in their CVs, conversational Japanese speakers, and applicants with no experience. So if you’re looking to get into the security industry then it’s an easy place to start! There’s solid support and training available, and 90% of the applicants who go in for interviews are hired! It’s also easy to get to, a 7 minute walk from Shinjuku station.

For more information, check out this job page here.



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