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This Week's Recommended Jobs in Japan
Jul 05, 2023
7 min read
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Are you searching for a job in Japan? Would you like to work somewhere where you can improve your Japanese and learn about Japanese culture? We would love to introduce you to some job opportunities you might not have thought of before! Working in Japan isn’t just about office work!

Japanese Beginner-Friendly Jobs in Japan

If you have conversational level Japanese, we’ve got you covered. No need for complex business Japanese!

International Staff Wanted at Famous Kushi-katsu Restaurant!

If you love kushi-katsu, you’ll love this job!

Company: KUSHIKATSU TANAKA HOLDINGS Work type: Part-time Location: Tokyo, various locations Wage: ¥1,150~1,625 (depending on location) / hour Japanese level: Conversational

Job Description:

  • Guide customers to the table
  • Take orders
  • Prepare the food menu
  • Cook and serve
  • Clean and keep tidy the restaurant

No previous experience is needed. Senior staff will friendly support you to get used to the job gradually.

Kushikatsu lovers are welcome!

Why We Recommend This Job:

Want a part-time job but don’t have much free time? In this job, you can work just one day a week, for a minimum of three hours if you want! It’s very flexible, so you can work while enjoying your private life or studies. You can fit this job into your life! And they don’t have any strict hair colour or nail rules!

And that’s not all; there are many different stores to choose from so you can work somewhere convenient for you.

This company also has some great benefits such as the opportunity for a salary increase every 3 months based on performance, permanent employment promotion, staff discount and staff meals!!

Apply Here:

Kushikatsu Tanaka Shibuya Stores Kushikatsu Tanaka Roppongi, Tamachi, Shinagawa Stores

Tokyo Taxi Drivers Wanted!

Mimatsu Koutsu strives to create a comfortable working environment for their crew members. In their friendly environment, crew members get along regardless of age and experience.

Company: Mimatsu Koutsu Work type: Regular Employee Location: Tokyo, Koto-ku Wage: ¥270,000 ~ / month Japanese level: Conversational Level

Job Description:

  • Once you pick up the customer, your job is to take them to their destination "safely, securely, and comfortably."

Why We Recommend This Job

This is perfect for you if you’re looking to earn a lot of money! You’re paid a monthly salary + overtime allowance + commission (at the rate of 60.315%!). Inexperienced employed are guaranteed a monthly salary of 270,000 yen plus commission for the first year. You also receive additional bonuses twice a year.

★Other benefits include education allowance, transportation expenses (subject to regulations), and bonuses (based on performance).

★It is also possible to take a long vacation by combining paid holidays and public holidays!

★Company pays for the cost of a Type 2 driver's license. (Within regulations)

Apply Here:

Toto-ku, Tokyo

Traffic Guidance Staff Wanted!


Company: DAiKEi Corporation Work type: Full-time Location: Tokyo, various locations Wage: ¥8,600 ~ / day Japanese level: Conversational

Job Description:

  • This security work involves guiding pedestrians, general vehicles, and construction-related vehicles at construction sites and road construction sites that are often seen in the city.
  • Main clients are in the construction industry, including general contractors and those involved in lifelines for electricity and telecommunications.

Why We Recommend This Job

Overtime allowance and transportation expenses are paid separately. And overtime is general low with roughly only 1-2 days per month, 30 minute to 1 hour overtime.

This job works on a self-declaration shift system, you have a say over your work hours, and you can choose to work only day shifts or only night shifts if you prefer. You also receive Summer, New Year's, and Golden Week vacations.

★Various insurance and pensions are available for peace of mind!

★Multiple Tokyo areas are hiring, so you can choose the one that works for you. Inagi, Ome, Kunitachi, Koganei, Kokubunji, Tachikawa, Tama, Chofu, West Tokyo, Hachioji, Hamura, Hino, Fuchu, Fussa, Machida, Mitaka, Musashino, etc.

Apply Here:

Various Tokyo sites

Cooking and Customer Service Staff Wanted for Mexican Restaurant

Do you love Mexican food? If so, you’ll love this job! There are many international residents working here so it’s a comfortable, global environment.

Company: QueRico Corporation Work type: Regular Employee Location: Osaka, Fukushima Wage: ¥193,688 ~ 284,914 / month Japanese level: Conversational

Job Description:

  • You will start by preparing and cooking the food.
  • You will also be responsible for cleaning the kitchen and the restaurant.
  • Once you get used to it, you will be responsible for ordering and inventory control.
  • You will also be responsible for shift management and training of part-time workers.

Why We Recommend This Job

Workers receive a late-night wage surplus of 25%! And you may also receive a performance allowance depending on your skills (from 30,000 yen).

The contract is available for 1 year, and renews automatically, so you can join without worrying about loosing your job after a few months!

★Paid vacations are provided as required by law (after 6 months of employment). You will also receive a New Year's vacation. You can choose the number of days off (ex. 5 to 8 days per month).

★Love Mexican food? In this job you get a food allowance, yum!

Apply Here:

Fukushima-ku, Osaka

We’re Hiring People Who Love to Eat! Join This Restaurant Staff!

Who doesn’t love to eat!? There are many different positions available at this restaurant job so you can choose the one that works best for you, from cooking and order taking, to restaurant management and menu development!

Company: Kiwa Corporation Work type: Regular Employee Location: Tokyo, various locations Wage: ¥250,000 ~ 400,000 / month Japanese level: Conversational

Job Description:

  • General cooking operations - You can make use of your experience and cooking skills!
  • General restaurant duties - Order taking and customer service.
  • Store operation and management - Education and training of employees and part-timers, preparation of staff shifts, cooking instruction, etc.
  • Menu development, planning of store furnishings and interior design

In the future, you can aim to become an area manager or supervisor!

Why We Recommend This Job

This is a great job for anyone interested in the restaurant industry, or just people who love food! There are jobs available not only in the kitchen, but also in the management staff too. And there are also restaurants with different types of cuisine such as Italian, Chinese and Japanese. And free meals are included too - two meals for every shift.

High salary! The available monthly salary is from 250,000 - 400,000 yen, taking into consideration experience, previous salary, and other factors.

Overtime and late-night allowances are calculated on a per-minute basis, depending on the store. Various social insurances, retirement system, maternity and paternity leave system available!

If you want to work more and earn more, you can add more shifts and pile up your savings! You also receive Summer and winter vacation, annual paid vacation, and ceremonial leave.

Apply Here:

Various locations in Tokyo

What Jobs in Japan Are You Looking For?

Did you find any in our list you'd like to apply to? If so we'd love for you to apply before they close!

For more jobs check out the Guidable Jobs website.

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