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Tips for Online Job Interview in Japan
Apr 22, 2024
4 min read
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This article assumes you're preparing for an online job interview. If it's your first time, you might be feeling a bit lost. But worry no more!

While there are no official guidelines, there are certain unspoken etiquette rules that you should be aware of when participating in online job interviews in Japan. Let's delve into these together!

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Job Interviews In Japan

In Japan, for a long time, a formal job application process has been adopted, mainly in face-to-face, especially for new graduates. However, with the onset of the pandemic, the job application process in Japan has diversified. Currently, online interviews are widely used. At present, more than 70% of Japanese companies incorporate at least one online interview in their hiring process.

Online Interview Tools

When conducting interviews online, the following tools are commonly used:

・Google Meet ※Requires a Google account
・Microsoft Teams

While these tools can be accessed from both computers and mobile devices, it's generally recommended to participate via a computer for better stability. Additionally, it's advisable to download these tools in advance to avoid any last-minute rush on the day of the interview.

Of course, aside from these tools, companies may specify other platforms for interviews. Be prepared accordingly each time!

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Prepare For Online Job Interview

When conducting an online interview, unlike face to face interviews where the environment is provided, you need to prepare on your own.

Stable Internet Connection:

This is crucial! If your connection breaks, you won't be able to effectively convey your strengths or understand questions. Conduct the interview in a place with a stable network.

Camera and Microphone:

Whether on a computer or a mobile device, ensure that the camera and microphone function properly beforehand. Personally, I don't recommend conducting the interview using speakers, as it may lead to feedback issues. Using headphones is a better option.

Camera Background:

While testing the camera, pay attention to your background. A messy room creates a poor impression. Take this opportunity to tidy up! If you're pressed for time and can't clean up, consider using virtual background effects. They can blur the background or replace it with another image. Just avoid choosing anything too flashy!


You need to align your attire with what the company expects. It could be a suit or office casual attire. Moreover, this may vary depending on whether it's a part-time or full-time interview. If it's not specified, wearing a suit will never go wrong! Even if it's not strictly necessary, dressing up will be perceived as being serious about the opportunity.

To learn more about the difference between full time and part time jobs in Japan, check out the link below!

Guideline: Prepare For a Full-time Job Interview in Japan
Guideline: Prepare For a Part-Time Job Interview in Japan

Interview Location:

While online meetings can be conducted outdoors or in cafes, for interviews, choose a quiet indoor location. Conducting the interview in a noisy place makes communication difficult and leaves a negative impression on the interviewer.


Online interviews generally start right on schedule. However, some interviewers might join early, so it's a good idea for you to join early as well! It leaves a good impression if you're there before the interviewer! As a guideline, I think it's best to join 3-5 minutes early.

Consider these points and prepare for your interview accordingly!

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During the interview

Once you're prepared, it's time for the interview itself. Conducting an interview online is no different from doing it in person.

If there's one thing to be mindful of, it's that when the other person is speaking, even if there's a brief pause, try not to interrupt and wait a moment. Due to network issues, there's a possibility that the other person might continue speaking, leading to a situation where both of you talk at once. Let's converse with composure.

Now You Are Ready!

This article provided tips for having online job interviews in Japan. For those who aren't used to online meetings, having a job interview online might seem quite challenging at first. However, by thoroughly following the preparations outlined here, there shouldn't be any issues. I hope your interview goes well!

Also, if you're still looking for a job, be sure to check out Guidable Jobs!

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