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What is Haken? How to Find Haken Jobs in Japan
May 20, 2024
6 min read
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What is a Haken job?

Haken is one of the employment methods in Japan. The contract is made between the Haken agency (Haken source) and the work is performed at a different company (Haken destination). Since the contract itself is made with the Haken agency, the salary and benefits are supported by the same agency. Typically, contracts with such agencies are intended for a specified period (such as 3 or 6 months). According to Japanese law, when this contract reaches three years, the Haken agency is required to either hire you as a regular employee or transfer you to a different department.

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What is the Difference Between Regular Employees and Haken employees?

Regular employees are those who joined a company after applying for a position on their own, whereas Haken employees were hired through the Haken company. Moreover, regular workers are directly connected to the company they work for. Employees of Haken, however, are not directly affiliated with the firm where they are employed. Furthermore, regular employees receive their salary directly through the company, but for Haken employees, salary is taken care of by Haken company.

In addition, regular employees often have a long-term employment contract that allows them to stay in the same company until they reach retirement age (65). Haken employees, on the other hand, tend to have short-term employment contracts.

Most people choose Haken work because of its flexibility, and the process of getting a job is often easier compared to regular work. Haken work generally can be seen as more suitable for internationals who are new to working in Japan.

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Benefits of Haken Workers

As mentioned above, one of the advantages of Haken is the ability to work flexibly. Additionally, many Haken jobs are open to those without prior experience, and I believe it's a great way to start a career in Japan. Another appealing aspect is the relatively few restrictions on hiring. Even students or individuals with gaps in their careers have a high chance of getting a job.

Process to get Haken Job

1. Apply

First, let's apply! Let's search based on the area where you want to work and the type of job you're interested in. Many people might think they need a Rirekisyo(resume), but there are plenty of jobs that don't require one. Of course, you can also apply through Guidable Jobs!

2. Contact with the Company via Phone (or Email)

After applying for a Job, you may receive a call from the company. They'll likely instruct you on the next steps, which typically involve confirming your information and arranging a time for the next meeting.

3. Meeting with the Representative (Company Information Session)

This is like a brief interview. You'll likely discuss the job responsibilities and handle any paperwork. Additionally, they may assess your Japanese language proficiency during this stage. Check here for interview preparation!

While these meetings are often conducted in person, depending on your location, they might also be held online. Be sure to review tips for online interviews as well.

Tips for Online Job Interview in Japan

Close up of a handshake, male and female hands shaking as a symbol of effective negotiations, making agreement, greeting business partner or mutual respect and gender equality in relationships

4. Workplace Visit

This stage may coincide with a first workday, but the company will likely allow you to visit the workplace if you wish. It's an opportunity for you to confirm if you truly want to work there, making it the final check before proceeding!

5. Start Working


Here, I introduced one example of the process. Of course, there might be cases where there are two interviews or where a workplace visit isn't included. Depending on the situation, be flexible and adapt accordingly.

Popular Haken Jobs

So, let me introduce a few types of jobs!


Side view of male workers wearing protective uniform and helmets working with cut machine in modern workshop at factory

There are many jobs related to manufacturing. There are various tasks such as line work and packaging. Also, the products being manufactured vary, including cars, food, and more. If you have licenses like forklift operation, it can be advantageous for specific jobs.


A housewife and a cashier at a supermarket

There are also many jobs in the service industry. If you live in Japan, you'll often see foreigners working in various places like convenience stores, hotels, and restaurants. Since you'll interact with many Japanese people, it's also great for learning Japanese.

Medical・Health Care

friendly staff caregiver of nursing home talking to asian senior woman in hallway

Rather than doctors, there are many jobs in nursing and caregiving. Of course, to obtain these jobs in Japan, licenses are often required, although there are exceptions where they're not needed.

Office Job

Group of asian businessperson in the office.

Getting these jobs is slightly more challenging compared to those mentioned above. There are many opportunities in IT-related fields and interpretation. While you can certainly attempt these roles without prior experience, if you have skills and experience from your home country, you may find it easier to secure a job smoothly.

When it comes to obtaining these jobs, proficiency in Japanese is generally highly valued. Find a job that matches your current level of Japanese proficiency. We provide more detailed explanations based on Japanese language levels, so be sure to check the link below.

Part-time Jobs in Japan for All Japanese Language Levels

Let's get a Haken Job!

This article has explained the employment method of Haken in Japan. As it is a unique form of employment not found in other countries, many people may not have been aware of it. For those who want to work flexibly in Japan, it's a great way to do it, so I encourage you to give it a try! I hope your job search goes well.

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