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Painting PC server boxes(¥1200/h~)【Inashiki-Ibaraki】■No. 103-01

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TOP > Painting PC server boxes(¥1200/h~)【Inashiki-Ibaraki】■No. 103-01

Painting PC server boxes(¥1200/h~)【Inashiki-Ibaraki】■No. 103-01

Job Information

Job Type
Work type
¥1,200-¥1,500/h ※Advanced payment available

Job Requirement

Japanese level
English level

□ Conversational level of Japanese
□ Need to have a valid working visa
□ 日常会話レベルの日本語が話せる人
□ 就労可能なビザを持っている方

Job Description

【Job Content】
□ Painting PC server boxes.
-Very welcome people who has experienced hand-blown /spraying painting before. but inexperienced people are also welcomed!
-Friendly working environment. Foreign workers working with us!
※Advanced payment available (within regulation)
【Working hour】
Monday to Friday; 08:00-17:00 (1-hour break included)
Period: At least 3 months
2 days a week (Weekends), National holiday, Summer, New Year
*Free parking lot
You can commute by car and/or bike
*Cafeteria is available
You can also bring your own lunch
*Uniform will be distributed
*Transportation expenses will be paid (within regulation)
*Advanced payment system is available (within regulation)
*Social insurance
*Paid vacation
~We have a line account! You can ask questions through the line account ↓
Inashikigun Amimachi, Ibaraki pref.

About Company

Our company is a temp agency that specializes in manufacturing industry.
We introduce stable jobs for technicians, skilled artisans, and inexperienced people who are interested in factory jobs.

We value communication and follow up with administrators so that each worker can improve their career with their own abilities. As we are constantly introducing new jobs, please check them out and feel free to apply!
We also openly hire foreign workers.


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