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【Nationwide】Highly Skilled Engineers Wanted

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Job Requirement

Japanese Level
English Level
□ Minimum Japanese Level: N2 (Business level)
□ Have any skills or experiences from the following list
○ AutoCAD, 3DCAD
○ SAP (CO/PS) Consultant
○ Developing experience (language: VB.NET C#.NET)
○ java
○ .NET
○ Develop with Linux/ mbeb
○ C programming language (commit more than 2 years)
○ Develop microcomputer program without OS
○ I-squared-C (I2C)
○ Programming experience C/ C++/ python
○ CATIA basic operation skill
○ Basic knowledge of engineering
○ Basic knowledge of mechanical design drawing
○ ASIC/ FPGA design development experience
○ Knowledge of basic and analog circuits
○ Can read circuit diagram

Job Description

We are recruiting IT, mechanical, architectural, medical engineer in all areas of Japan
▽Job Contents
Engineering operations at nationwide manufacturers
3 million ~ 10 million yen
▽Working hour
9:00~ 18:00 on Weekdays
Preferred work location allowed; Negotiable (All over Japan)
□ transportation fee will be covered
□ Social insurance available
□ Paid vacation
□ Support visa acquisition/ update

About Company

We offer a job support service for foreigners. We can introduce various jobs to them, taking their current statuses into account.

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