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【Yokohama】Taxi Drivers in the Suburbs

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10~12 working days in a month! Able to have your private time!

Job Information

Job Type
Work type
¥4,200,000- ¥6,000,000/ year

Job Requirement

Japanese level
English level

□ 3 years have passed since you received a normal driver's license
□ Used to driving
□ Can communicate in Japanese well
□ Willing to help customers
□ Wants to get high income by working hard

Job Description

Taxi drivers

▼Job Contents
Responsibility is to pick up and drop off customers by phone or smartphone app. Travelling roughly 200 to 300 km for one ride from Tsurumi Ward throughout Yokohama.
In addition to driving, we provide transportation for the elderly and children, such as helping, attending, and sightseeing, where communication is important.

For 1~2 months (Until you get a proper driving license)
¥10,000/ day

Average annual income: ¥4,260,000
Average annual income for top 10 drivers: ¥5,700,000~

▼Working Hours & Day Off
1-time operation (14-hrs driving, 2-hrs break included) every 2 days
Working days ⇨ 10~12 times/ month
You can choose to start work in 30-minute intervals.
Ex.1) AM 5:00~AM 1:00
Ex.2) AM 7:00~AM 3:00

Day-off after operation 10~12 times/ month
Complete day-off: 6~7 days/ month

□ Social insurance (Health insurance, employment insurance, welfare pension)
□ Transportation fees may be supported (It depends on your home location)
□ Uniform will be given
□ Paid leave available
□ Award for good drivers
□ Various driver training (universal drivers, tourism drivers, etc.)
□ Company trip
□ New year's present/ Birthday gift

▼Company Dormitory
Rent for family use; ¥100,000
Rent for single use; ¥45,000

Company will pay the full cost of obtaining a driver's license grade 2!

About Company

Toho Taxi Co., Ltd. has been operating a corporate taxi in Tsurumi Ward, Yokohama City since 1953. In Tsurumi Ward, there are many families who find it difficult to move, such as elderly people with weak legs and double-income families, and their use is increasing by enhancing universal design taxis and services for child-rearing. In recent years, a customs office have been established at Daikoku Pier in Tsurumi Ward, so it is expected that foreign visitors to Japan will use it after the end of the corona disaster.

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