【Kanagawa】Help Elders In Nursing Facility As A Opening Staff!

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【Kanagawa】Help Elders In Nursing Facility As A Opening Staff!

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Included high bonus payment!

Job Information

Job Type
Work type

Job Requirement

Japanese level
English level
□ Have a Permanent, Long-term or Spouse working visa
□ Conversational level of Japanese
□ No experience needed

Job Description

▼Job Content
You will work in a nursing care facility which will be made in 2021. It is a great opportunity to work in a new environment!
※Overwork payment will be fully covered.
※Included consistent living coverage of ¥15,000, Bonus coverage of ¥38,000 and Night shift coverage of ¥30,000 for five times.
※During 3 months trial duration, the monthly payment is more than ¥199,500 (consistent living coverage of ¥15,000 and Night shift coverage of ¥30,000 five times.) There will be some other coverage and overwork pay.
▼Working hour
Depends on where you want to work. (Average working hours 7.5hrs/day and 157.5hrs/month)
Shift example
・7:00-15:30 (60 mins break)
※Overworking hours will be less than 5 hrs. You will mostly be able to go home on time.
113 days in year
・8 days off/ week
・Maternity leave and Childcare leave available
・Paid vacation is available
You can take long holidays, more than 5 consecutive days.
6-1011-1 Sugo Miyamae ward Kawasaki city Kanagawa prefecture(From March 2021)
You may work in a different location of Kawasaki city until March
Take bus from Tokyu dentetsu line or JR Nambu line and get off “Sugo elementary school entrance”
It is a 6 mins walk from there
□ Wage raise is available (Once in every April)
□ Bonus is available (Once in a year/0.9 month of last year’s result)
―※Installment bonus system (38,000 yen or more per month. When combined with the monthly salary as a flat bonus allowance), the total amount is 3.9 months’ worth.
□ Social insurance is provided
□ All transportation fees covered (up to ¥50,000/month)
□ Overwork payment will be available and fully covered
□ Position coverage is available
・Living coverage
・Wage raise coverage
・Family coverage
・Night shift coverage
・Qualification coverage
・Leave payment
・Non-smoking facility
・Company trip
・Qualification achievement support system
・Recreational facilities available
・Uniform provided
・You can commute by car (parking area provided with consultation)
・Movement fee coverage is available

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