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【Tokyo】Back-End Engineer | Developing a new project / Cloud RPA × iPaaS

【Tokyo】Back-End Engineer | Developing a new project / Cloud RPA × iPaaS

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Able to work full-remotely!

Job Information

Job Type
IT・Creative / SE・PG
Work Type
・Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
6,500,000 ~ 9,000,000 / year

Job Requirement

Japanese Level
English Level
Business Level
□ Can work at least 5 days per week, 8 hours per day
□ Japanese conversational level: Can freely talk about daily situations
□ Japanese reading and writing level: N2
□ Has working permission
□ Can read and write kanji or more advanced level

Job Description

▼Job Responsibilities
【Job Description】
・Developing the system to solve the issues, that we have determined require to be solved. You will be communicating with domain experts, such as CS and sales staff, in order to execute your work.
・Understand the application domain, incorporate it into the system design, and implement it.
・Design and implementation, including backend and infrastructure, involving appropriate stakeholders

【Development Environment】
Programming Language: Golang, Ruby on Rails
IT Infrastructure: AWS (EKS)
Provisioning tool: Terraform, helm
CI/CD: Circle CI
Monitoring tools: Datadog, AWS CloudWatch
Documentation: Kibela
Other tools we use: Slack, GitHub etc.

6,500,000 ~ 9,000,000 yen / year

▼Working Days and Hours
Based on discretionary labor

Not specified

OJT (On-the-Job Training)

▼Work Location
2F Ichome Sanbankan, 1-3-12 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
3-min walk from Shinjuku Gyoenmae Station Exit 2 (Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line)
8-min walk from Shinjuku 3 Chome (Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line / Fukutoshin Line / Tokyo Subway)

【Office environment】
・Office Glico
・Free drinks available -mineral water/coffee/ tea

【Comfortable work environment program】
・Complete remote work option available
・Allowance for coffee break during the commute (a half of actual fees paid)

【Skills acquisition support system】
・Book purchase system
・Paid Seminar/study session held by the company, study session and meetup expenses
・Paid qualification exam fees

【For engineers】
・PC Selection System(up to 250,000yen)
・Chairs provided for employees who come to the office (up to 100,000 yen)/Monitors(up to 50,000 yen) provided

【Improvement of internal communication】
・Paid welcome parties and celebrations parties

【Employees health support system】
・For all: regular health checkup, Influenza vaccination
・For employees over 35 years old:A comprehensive medical examination/ For female employees: Gynecological examination

Although our development environment is through the remove native process, we discuss and work collaboratively by using tech support such as Discord. Our engineers work based on discretionary labour; it gives them flexibility in their work style.

About Company

Our mission is to ‘create a new working style with automation technology and we have expanded 2 projects.
The first one is called ‘BizteX Cobit’, which we are the first company that has introduced this in Japan as a PRA (Robotic Process Automation). The second one is called ‘BizteX Connect’, which makes various services cooperate easily on the webserver and automate and affect the tasks.
With an automation technology that integrates the Cloud RPA x iPaaS as a base, our clients can execute business process automation and generate productivity and innovation for their businesses.

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