Calling all who are interested in plumbing work!

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Calling all who are interested in plumbing work!

Job Information

Job Type
Construction / Plumber
Work Type
Yokkaichi, Mie Pref. ・ Nagoyashi Minato-ku, Aichi Pref.
11,000 ~ 14,000 / day

Job Requirement

Japanese Level
English Level
□ Can work at least 6 days per week, 8 hours per day
□ Japanese conversational level: Can make simple conversation
□ Japanese reading and writing level: Can read hiragana and katakana
□ Must be able to work for a long period of time
□ Must have a visa with no work restrictions

Job Description

▼Job Responsibilities
Plumbing: Pipe removal on site Dimensioning Pipe fabrication and welding at factory Pipe assembly and welding on site

Welding: Welding of fabricated piping at factory Stainless steel piping (Tig welding) Iron piping (Arc welding) Vinyl chloride piping (Vinyl chloride welding)

Clean room work: Piping removal on site Dimensioning Piping assembly on site

11,000 yen to 14,000 yen per day

▼Contract Period
No fixed term of contract

▼Working Days and Hours
Working days: 6 days a week (except Sunday)
Working hours: 8:00-17:00
Break time: 10:00-10:15, 12:00-13:00, 15:00-15:15

▼Overtime Details
Average 20 hours per month
(converted to hourly wage based on the Labor Standards Law x 1.25)

Sundays and once a month on Saturdays and Sundays.

3 months No change in conditions

▼Company Location
2-8-16 Chidori, Minato-ku, Nagoya

▼Work Location
1-116 Hoshin, Minato-ku, Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture
4-11 Takigawa-cho, Yokkaichi City, Mie Prefecture

Nagoya City, Aichi Pref.
Yokkaichi City, Mie Prefecture and vicinity

▼Available Insurance
Social insurance, unemployment insurance, employee pension

Bonus (twice a year)
Salary increase (once a year)
Qualification support system available
Free loan of work clothes

▼Smoking Information
Break area is equipped with a smoking area
No smoking in the office

About Company

Y-S-K Co., Ltd.
We are absolutely confident in our knowledge surrounding plumbing work, however, we are particularly confident in our concerning the welding of stainless steel pipes.
We welcome those who want to learn about welding.
You can earn money based solely on your efforts.
If you're looking for a job, why not try becoming a craftsman at our company?