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Wanted! Full-time IT Engineer

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Wanted! Full-time IT Engineer

Job Information

Job Type
Work type
From JYP 200,000~250,000

Job Requirement

Japanese level
English level

1. Person who is able to obtain an Engineer Visa
* Satisfying one of the conditions below:
 Bachelor of science in engineering
 Satisfies the requirements for Engineer Visa determined by the government.
 Have more than ten-year experience in the works specified in the left column.
2. Japanese Language Proficiency Test: N2 or higher
* Test certification is not essential. But, proficiency will be checked during the interview.

Job Description

Monthly salary depends on experience
■Inexperienced and new graduates and subject to the most standard salary.
■We will adjust salary accordingly depending on experience, skills, and qualifications.
■Overtime pay and commutation allowance offered

Hiring for the below positions:
■Network Systems
- Create and operate a detailed infrastructure design
- Design ERP (SAP) and other related systems
- Establish network, firewalls, and LAN/WAN for government offices
- Maintenance and operation of server for communication carriers
- IP network design and management for banks
- Infrastructure for Internet banks, server operation maintenance
- Network operation and monitoring for communication carriers
- Operation work in the data center
- Technical support of network products, helpdesk operations
- Construction and maintenance of LB due to increased demand for smartphone
- In-house SE for game companies

■Open Web Systems
- System development for oil companies
- Develop CAD electrical designs
- Create web pages for banks
- Check bugs, web pages, and game and app developments
- Authenticate mobile devices

■Internal Control Systems
Development of
- Car navigation systems
- Complex equipment
- Embed game machines
- ECU control systems
- Satellite monitoring equipment

※ Other openings also available.

About Company


YUME TECHNOLOGY is Engineer introduction/dispatch and subcontract .
1) Design & development and research & development, 2) IT solution and 3) Technical support
Main categories of business: semiconductor device (digital consumer electric appliance and audio equipment), automobile, and automotive electronics.PC peripherals, semiconductor manufacturing equipment, telecommunication equipment, medical appliance, materials, etc.

we prepare many projects mainly for major manufacturers.
We always have opportunities to touch state-of-the-art technology.

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