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(Regular Employee) Office worker at Main Office Needed!

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(Regular Employee) Office worker at Main Office Needed!

Job Information

Job Type
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Job Requirement

Japanese level
English level
Business Level
□ College or University Graduates
□ Business level of Japanese and English

Job Description

Office worker at Bikentechno Main Office needed!

We are looking for a reliable, friendly office staff member to join our team. There are many workers from all nationalities working at Bikentechno Corporation and we are searching for a staff member to assist in management of this global team.
Duties include, but are not limited to consulting new employees, and supporting and administrating the global staff.
You will be required to consult and communicate in a professional and understanding manner with the staff.
As well as staff management, this job includes tasks such as data installation, translation between English and Japanese and office administration support.

About Company


Biken Techno Corporation is a general building maintenance company with specialities in cleaning, facility maintenance and sanitation and sterilization of food factory equipment. Under the motto “creation of a comfortable environment” we construct, design and manage real estate and create solutions in medicine, food and living environments. We really care about our clients and customer service. In recent years, we have begun a focus on property management and use our specialities and wealth of knowledge to manage and efficiently increase value while decreasing utility costs of client’s buildings and assets.

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