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Permanent Resident Visa in Japan: How to apply? What you Need?
Apr 05, 2024
4 min read
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Are you interested in taking up a Permanent Resident Visa in Japan? We can help! This article will introduce you to Permanent Resident Visa and explain the complex requirements briefly.

What is a Permanent Resident Visa?

Permanent resident visa is a visa that allows a foreigner to reside permanently in the country without any restrictions on the period of stay. Also, most of the other restrictions on activities in Japan, such as work restrictions on job types and industries, will be removed.

Permanent Resident Visa Requirements

There are 3 basic requirements to obtain a permanent resident visa. You can also see it here.

1: Good behavior and conduct

No criminal records, payment of taxes, traffic offense…

2: Have sufficient assets or skills to earn an independent living

Having a stable job or enough savings.

However, income is considered for the household as a whole. If the income of the spouse is sufficient, children and other non-working members of the household will also meet the requirements.

3: Recognized as being in the best interest of the Japanese nation

The foreigner's permanent residence will be examined to determine whether it is in the best interest of Japan.

Specific requirements are listed below.

・10 years of consecutive residence in Japan. Which includes 5 years of residence under a work visa or those granted according to the family status (Spouse of Japanese national, Long Term Resident...)

・Currently having the longest period of stay (3 years in most cases)

・No delinquency in taxes, pensions, health insurance, or other public obligations.

No public health issues, such as whether the foreigner himself/herself is suffering from any infectious disease

If you meet all of the above conditions, you can apply for a permanent resident visa.

Exceptional Case

There are special exceptions that allow you to apply for a permanent residence visa even if you do not meet all of the above conditions.

・Spouse or Child of a Japanese national, "Permanent Resident" or "Special Permanent Resident" status holder

Do not have to met

1: Good behavior and conduct

2: Have sufficient assets or skills to earn an independent living

How to Apply for a Permanent Resident Visa?

Once you are sure that you meet the requirements to obtain a permanent residence visa, you must follow the steps to apply.

Step1: Collect Required Documents

Consult with the Permanent Residence Examination Division of the Immigration office and they will tell you what documents you need to apply. You can get most of the necessary documents from Japanese government offices (city hall, tax office, legal affairs bureau).

Step2: Preparation of Application and Statement of Reasons

Once you have collected the required documents, you can proceed to prepare an application form and a letter of reasons based on the documents you have gathered. The format of the application form is available on the Immigration Bureau's website.

There is no format for the letter of reasons, so you will need to provide your own reasons for wanting to obtain a permanent resident visa.

Step3: Apply to the Immigration Office with Jurisdiction

Take the collected documents and the prepared application form to the immigration office with jurisdiction. Make sure there is no miss in the documents otherwise it will not be accepted.


Step4: Examination Period

The average review agency for permanent residence applications is about 6 months. In longer cases, it may take up to a year, so please be patient. Also, additional documents may be requested during the review period, so keep checking back!

Step5: Notification of Results!

In the case of a permit, a postcard will be mailed to your home. Then you just go to the immigration office to pick up your new residence card by the due date! Congratulations!

Prepared to get a Permanent Resident Visa?

A permanent residence visa would be attractive to any foreigner staying in Japan. However, as you have seen, there are strict conditions and a long road to get it, and it is not easy. Preparation in advance is important to ensure a permanent residence visa. Also, getting professional help could be a good way. If you are thinking of getting a permanent residence visa, let’s start taking action now!

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