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There Are Many Opportunities to Work in Fukuoka
Jun 07, 2024
5 min read
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Did you know that there are many business opportunities in Fukuoka? Fukuoka is an attractive place for Japanese people as well, with a variety of delicious food and unique culture. In this article, we would like to introduce where do foreigners live and work in Fukuoka mostly come from, the types of jobs available, and the attractive jobs that are not available in other places!

Where Do Most Foreigners Living in Fukuoka Come From ?

According to data from 2023, the major nationalities and percentages of foreigners living in Fukuoka are Chinese, South Korean, Vietnamese, and Philippines. Specifically, Chinese has the largest number of foreign residents, followed by Korean and Vietnamese.

The following table shows the number and percentage of foreign residents by major country:

  • China: approx. 15,000 (approx. 28% of all foreigners)
  • Korea: approx. 13,000 (approx. 24%)
  • Vietnam: approx. 10,000 (approx. 19%)
  • Philippines: approx. 6,000 (approx. 11%)
  • Others: approx. 9,000 (approx. 18%)

These figures reflect the percentage of foreign residents in Fukuoka City by major nationality. Due to its geographical convenience and international environment, Fukuoka is home to many foreigners from diverse backgrounds, especially foreign students from Asian countries, technical interns, and business people.

What Industries Do Foreign Workers Work At Fukuoka?

Tourism and Hospitality

Tourism is another field where many foreigners work. Foreigners work in hotels, inns, tourist information centers, tour guides, and restaurants. In particular, there are many positions that require multilingual support, such as English and Chinese.

Manufacturing and Engineering

Foreign engineers are also active in manufacturing industries such as automobiles, electronics, and machinery. They are employed in design, development, production management, and other positions. In particular, many are hired for positions that require technology transfer and a high level of expertise.

Medical Care and Nursing Care

Some foreigners also work in the medical and nursing care fields. Doctors, nurses, caregivers, and other personnel with particularly high levels of specialized skills are in demand.

Retail and Service Industry

In large shopping malls and international areas, some foreigners work in the retail and service industry. They are active in sales, hospitality, and service industries, where multilingualism and cross-cultural understanding are required.

Agriculture and Fishing

Some foreigners work in the Japanese agriculture and fishery industries under the technical internship program. Many foreigners work in these industries to fill labor shortages.

IT and Technology

Fukuoka is known as a hub for startups and technology companies. Many foreigners work in fields such as software development, data science, and engineering. In particular, Fukuoka City's “Startup City Fukuoka” policy has made it easier to attract foreign entrepreneurs and engineers.

What Are Special Jobs in Fukuoka That Are Not Found in Other Places?

CASE1 : Tourism and Hospitality Industry

Fukuoka is a popular tourist destination, attracting many foreign tourists. The ability of foreign staff to speak multiple languages has led to an increase in jobs at hotels, inns, tour guides, tourist information centers, and other facilities. In particular, staff who can speak English, Chinese, and Korean are in high demand.

CASE2 : International Logistics and Trade

Fukuoka geographically functions as an Asian hub, and there are many jobs related to international logistics and trade. Jobs involving port operations and import/export operations require language skills and cross-cultural understanding.

In particular, trade with Asian countries is very active, so people who can speak Chinese and Korean are in demand.

CASE3 : Food Culture

Fukuoka is a region with a rich food culture, famous for its ramen noodles and seafood dishes. There are many opportunities for foreign chefs and restaurant staff to work, especially in Asian restaurants such as Vietnamese and Thai. By bringing in different food cultures, they are breathing new life into the local food culture.

CASE4 : Agriculture and Fishing

Agriculture and fishing are thriving in the Fukuoka area. Opportunities for foreign workers in these areas are increasing through the technical internship program. Especially in agriculture and fishery, foreign trainees play an important role to make up for the shortage of labor.

Moving to Fukuoka Is Recommended

Fukuoka is a very attractive place to live for foreigners. First of all, its geographical location makes access between Japan and abroad very convenient. Fukuoka Airport is only minutes away from the city center, and there are plenty of direct flights to major cities in Japan and abroad. This convenience is a great advantage for business, tourism, and family travel.

Furthermore, the cost of living in Fukuoka is relatively low compared to other major cities in Japan, especially housing costs. The low cost of rent and daily necessities will allow you to maintain a comfortable lifestyle and have more money to save or spend on leisure activities. Fukuoka's rich natural environment and urban functions are in harmony with each other, providing a stress-free lifestyle. The proximity to mountains and the ocean provides many opportunities for outdoor activities and refreshment.

Fukuoka is also known as a start-up city, attracting many start-up companies and offering a wealth of technology-related jobs and business opportunities. For foreign technologists and entrepreneurs, Fukuoka is an ideal location. The Fukuoka City government is also proactive in supporting foreigners, offering visa support and a full range of multilingual administrative services.

In terms of education, Fukuoka is also an excellent choice. International schools and multicultural education programs are well established, providing peace of mind when it comes to educating children. In addition, Fukuoka has a large expatriate community and offers many opportunities for cross-cultural exchange. This can help to reduce the loneliness of being in a foreign country and build social connections.

If you are considering a new life, moving to Fukuoka is an excellent option. We encourage you to take advantage of its diverse benefits and lead a fulfilling life by considering moving to Fukuoka. New opportunities and a comfortable lifestyle await you in Fukuoka.


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