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[Visa Sponsored] Looking for Butlers for Hotel Customers

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[Visa Sponsored] Looking for Butlers for Hotel Customers

Job Information

Job Type
Work type
¥2.4 million 〜 ¥4.2million /year

Job Requirement

Japanese level
English level
□ Have lived in Japan for at least 3 years
□ Can serve customers in English or in Japanese
□ Applicants that can have an interview in Japanese
□ Visa sponsored!!
□ Priority for those who have experience in the hotel industry. * Inexperienced people can apply
□ Priority for those who have experience of customer service. * Inexperienced people can apply
□ Can converse in Chinese
<The following people are especially welcomed>
◎ Those who want to provide polite service to each customer
◎ Those who want to test their potential in a rapidly growing company
* We have a lot of customers from overseas, so applicants who can speak Chinese or English are welcomed!
[Language Requirements]
Japanese: Conversational
English: Conversational
Chinese: Conversational
Have at least JLPT N2 level Japanese
□ 日本に住んだことがある方
□ 日本語と英語で接客業務が可能な方
□ 面接は日本語で行いますので可能な方
□ ビザ申請制度あり
□ ホテル・旅館業界経験者を優遇。業界未経験者でも接客サービスなどの経験者歓迎。※未経験者可
□ 中国語尚可

Job Description

【Job contents】
This is a butler service that responds to each customer's request thoroughly.
Butlers are responsible for all aspects of customer service, from pick-up to send-off.
We assist with planning exciting itineraries that include sightseeing tours and activities, not only during during customers' stay with us, but even after check-out!
We are dedicated to providing the best stay with the utmost hospitality.
―Butler duties―
● Concierge (check-in / check-out, etc.)
● Restaurant service
● Housekeeping
● Other work based on needs of customers
A single staff member performs these tasks in a multitasking manner.
There are many customers from overseas, so you will be in charge of customer service using your language skills.
Give our customers an experience they will never forget!
【Job Type】
Regular employee
¥2.4 million 〜 ¥4.2 million /year
* Based on experience and ability
* Annual salary is paid in 12 installments (monthly)
* Trial period is 2 months (same conditions)
<Annual income example>
¥3 million / annual salary ¥3 million (¥250,000 /month) / 1st year working, 27 years old
¥4.2 million / annual salary ¥ 4.2million (¥ 350,000 /month) / 3rd year working, Manager
【Working hour】
Monthly flexible working hour system (8 hours of actual work per day)
Shift example) 8:00 〜 17:00, 13:00 〜 22:00
* No night shift
* Monthly shift based on your personal schedule
9 holidays a month (* 8 holidays in February) (Shift system)
Paid leave
* In total, 107 holidays a year
・Housing assistance・ Raise salary: once a year ・ Company insurance ・ Charge of transportation expenses ・ Vehicle commuting (depending on facility) ・ Uniform lending ・ Meal assistance ・ Established dormitory (equipped with home appliances) ・ Various training systems ・ Awards system ・ In-house deposit system
Kawaguchiko, Hakone, Atami, Nara, Nikko, Kyoto
<Facilities opening in the future>
Early summer 2020 Fufu Nara: Kintetsu Nara Station
Summer 2020 Fufu Nikko: JR Nikko Station
Summer 2020 Atami Fufu Bettei “Kinomanotsuki”: JR Kurumiya Station
2021 Fufu Kyoto: Higashiyama Station on the Tozai Line
2022 Fufu Gora: Hakone Tozan Railway Gora Station
* Before opening, work at the facility currently in operation

<Facilities currently in operation>
Atami Fufu: JR Kinomiya Station
ATAMI SEKAIE: JR Atami Station
GLAMDAY VILLA Umimori Kaze: JR Kinomiya Station
ATAMI Kaihourou: JR Atami Station
Hakone / Suishoen: Hakone Tozan Railway Kowakidani Station
Fufu Kawaguchiko: Fujikyu Kawaguchiko Station
Isegegusando: JR Sangu Line, Kintetsu Ise City Station
● コンシェルジュ(チェックイン・チェックアウト等)
● レストランサービス
● ハウスキーピング
● その他付随する業務
・住宅手当あり・昇給年1回 ・社保完備 ・交通費規定支給 ・車通勤可(施設による)・制服貸与 ・食事補助 ・寮完備(家電完備)※遠方で通勤困難者 対象 ※単身寮 ・グループ施設利用優待制度 ・各種研修制度 ・表彰制度 ・社内預金制度
2020年初夏 ふふ 奈良:近鉄奈良駅
2020年夏 ふふ 日光:JR日光駅
2020年夏 熱海 ふふ別邸「木の間の月」:JR来宮駅
2021年 ふふ 京都:地下鉄東西線 東山駅
2022年 ふふ 強羅:箱根登山鉄道 強羅駅

熱海 ふふ:JR来宮駅
ATAMI せかいえ:JR熱海駅
ATAMI 海峯楼:JR熱海駅
箱根・翠松園:箱根登山鉄道 小涌谷駅
ふふ 河口湖:富士急 河口湖駅
伊勢外宮参道:JR参宮線・近鉄 伊勢市駅

About Company


~The Most Enjoyable Work in the World~

We operate “SMALL LUXURY RESORT” in Atami, Hakone and Lake Kawaguchi, aiming to be a resort that catches the eyes of lovers of luxury.
We welcome customers from Japan and abroad with the hospitality of having each customer’s desires fulfilled through dedicated service by our butlers.
In the future, “FUFU,” following Atami Fufu•Fufu Kawaguchiko, will be opened in Nara and Nikko in 2020 and Kyoto and Gora in 2021. We hope to open Japanese resort “FUFU” to the world, and continue to expand our business.

私どもは、熱海・箱根・河口湖に、富裕層をターゲットとした “SMALL LUXURY RESORT” を運営しております。
今後は、熱海 ふふ・ふふ 河口湖に続く「ふふ」を、世界に発信できる日本リゾート「FUFU」として、2020年に奈良、日光、2021年に京都、強羅にオープンし、更に成長を続けてまいります。

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