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【Aichi】Scaffolding Laborer

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Daily/ Weekly Payment Available!

Job Information

Job Type
Work type
¥350,000/ month

Job Requirement

Japanese level
English level
□ Have one of the following status of residence: Permanent, Long-term, or Spouse Visa
□ Conversational level of Japanese
□ No experience needed
□ Has a manual driver's license preferred

Job Description

▼Job Content
Workers are responsible for scaffolding assembly staff required for repainting and new construction of general houses. Please assemble scaffolding that allows other companies to work safely and smoothly, such as construction and painting. In addition to assembling and disassembling work, please also clean the surrounding area.
▼Working hour
8:30~18:00 (90-mins break included)
Tokai City, Aichi
・Near the "Hasuike" intersection on Route 247
・8 minutes walk from "Nawa Station" on the Meitetsu Tokisuri Line
*Gather at the company and go to the site
□ Social insurances
□ Health check
□ Qualification allowance
□ Retirement allowance
□ Weekly payment available
□ Daily payment available
□ Advance payment
□ Company housing/ dormitories
□ Paid leave
□ Private car commuting allowed
□ Free parking lot available

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