【Aichi】Ramen Restaurant Full-time Crew Wanted!

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【Aichi】Ramen Restaurant Full-time Crew Wanted!

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No overtime work! You can earn a stable salary and work according to your lifestyle.

Job Information

Job Type
Work type

Job Requirement

Japanese level
English level
□ Has working permissions
□ Can communicate in basic Japanese
□ Experience working part-time in a restaurant or customer service.
□ Wants to make career in Ramen restaurant industry
□ Like serving customers and cooking

Job Description

▼Job Responsibilities
Work at a ramen restaurant, including preparation, stocking, cooking, and serving customers
You will start by assisting with cooking and serving customers
In the future, you will be entrusted with the overall management of the Umaya Ramen stores
¥250,000〜/month (2 days off per week)
¥270,000~/month (6 days off in 4 weeks )
(*Includes allowance and bonus twice a year)
▼Working Hours
・Day shift: 9:00 am ~ 7:00 pm
・Night shift: 7:00 pm ~ 5:00 am on the next day
(*Working hours are 8 hours)

▼Day off
2days off per week
6days off in 4 weeks
(*Day-off is based on your request)
For the first 3 months
2 days off per week: ¥230,000/month
6 days off in 4 weeks: ¥250,000/month
▼Work Location
・Haruhi restaurant:
ー 34-1 Kasuga-Nakanuma, Kiyosu, Aichi (3 min drive from Kasuga IC, Nagoya Expressway)
・Kinenbashi restaurant:
ー 6-15 Fujimi, Naka, Nagoya, Aichi (8 min by foot from Kamimaezu Station and Higashi Betsuin Station)
・Transportation fees paid
・Paid leave
・Social insurance
・You can commute by car (parking available)
・Uniforms distributed
・Company dormitory available (1K, furnished, appliances included, dormitory fee 20,000 yen/month)
・Family allowance available (spouse ¥5,000/month, children ¥5,000/month)
・Annual health checkup
・Dinner party and cherry blossom viewing

About Company

Umaya Ramen Haruhi Restaurant

HALU Corporation runs Tonkoku Umaya Ramen" is characterized by its pork bone soy sauce soup.
It is a popular brand with about 30 stores in the Tokai area, and sales have increased for three consecutive years.
You can work at a local ramen restaurant that has been loved for a long time without overtime.

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