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Ibaraki Jobs: Reasons to Work in the Manufacturing Industry in Japan
Jan 30, 2024
4 min read
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If you are looking for a job in the manufacturing industry, Japan is the perfect place for you! There are many advantages to working in a factory in Japan compared to other countries, high salary and great working conditions are just a few examples. Ibaraki is a beautiful region of Japan with many manufacturing factories. Let's take a look at some of the advantages of working in Ibaraki.

Why Choose Manufacturing When Looking for Ibaraki Jobs

Working in the manufacturing industry in Ibaraki is a great option for anyone looking for work in Japan. Many factories offer a friendly work environment where you can get along with your co-workers and enjoy a well-balanced work life.

High in Demand and Stable

Japanese brands are famous all over the world. Sony, Hitachi, Toyota, Mitsubishi, Panasonic, Yamaha, and many other Japanese companies are involved in products sold around the world. You have probably heard of at least one of these companies. Japan is a manufacturing powerhouse, and high quality products are still in demand.

Japanese workers are diligent and pay close attention to detail to produce quality products. This dedication is part of Japanese culture and deeply rooted in society. It is the secret behind Japan's high quality products.

Every product is made with the utmost care and precision, and each one is a masterpiece. In order to maintain this high standard, workers are required to constantly produce high quality work.

No Experience Needed

You can apply for a job even if you have no experience. One of the advantages of finding a job in the Japanese manufacturing industry is that even beginners can apply for most positions.

Even if you have no experience in the manufacturing industry, you are welcome to apply. Most factories provide training when you join the company, so you can start with simple jobs! Therefore, it would be smooth if you can understand basic Japanese. In order to facilitate training, you may be asked if you can introduce yourself and engage in basic conversation in Japanese.

At some factories, you can acquire skills in specific areas (for example, how to use a forklift) through training and certification. These experiences can be written on your resume, so they will be useful in subsequent steps.

Competitive Salary

Japan offers competitive salaries and benefits to factory workers. Compared to factory jobs in other countries, the conditions are especially favorable. This is true even when compared to other countries such as the Middle East and other parts of Asia.

Accomodation Benefits

In some cases, factory jobs provide fully furnished, fully equipped dormitories with running water and electricity when you are hired. In most cases, dormitory fees are either free or heavily discounted. You will not have to worry about finding a place to live and you will save money!

Food Benefits

Japanese companies often offer affordable meals to factory workers, such as company cafeterias and meal discounts. This is a great opportunity to develop an interest in Japanese cuisine and learn many things about Japanese food! And if you work in a food packaging factory, you can get discounts on foodstuffs, which is an additional benefit!

Manufacturing Ibaraki Jobs Are Waiting For You

Ibaraki Prefecture is a great place to start a manufacturing career in Japan. Manufacturing gives you the skills you will need in the Japanese workplace, such as diligence, attention to detail, punctuality, and discipline. And in most cases, you will only need to speak some Japanese! If you are interested in working in the Japanese manufacturing industry, we encourage you to apply for one of the positions below. The process is simple and smooth!

Please check the requirements carefully before applying. It is important that you have a valid visa, as it is rare for a factory job to sponsor you for a visa.

If you meet those requirements, you may be contacted for a pre-interview after you apply!



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