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What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Working Part-Time in Japan for International Students?
Jun 30, 2023
4 min read
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What Is a Part-Time Job Like for Japanese Students?

For Japanese students, a part-time job (baito) is one of the most common ways to work. Part-time jobs are very common as a way for students to earn an income while balancing their studies.

In recent years, an increasing number of families have been struggling financially, and some students need to earn a certain amount of money on their own even after they become university students.

What Are the Benefits of Working Part-Time for International Students?

Improvement of Japanese Language Skills

Through part-time jobs, you will have more opportunities to use Japanese daily. You can improve your Japanese language skills through workplace and customer communication. Also, you can acquire practical Japanese skills by learning business and technical terms.

Deepening Cultural Understanding

Through part-time work, students will have the opportunity to experience Japanese workplace culture and social customs. You can deepen your cross-cultural understanding through contact with co-workers from different backgrounds and cultures. It can help you learn appropriate behavior and business etiquette in Japanese society.

Building Human Networks

International students can build valuable human networks through encounters and relationships at part-time jobs. Connections with colleagues and superiors may provide helpful information and opportunities for future careers and job hunting.

Financial Independence

Part-time work can help you become financially independent. You can reduce your financial burden by covering part of your living and study abroad expenses on your own.

Gaining Work Experience

Part-time work experience in a Japanese workplace can be an advantage on an international student's resume and future career. Actual work experience and acquiring skills in the workplace can be a positive factor in future job hunting and career development.

What Are the Disadvantages of Working Part-Time for International Students?

Language Barrier

For international students whose native language is not Japanese, it may be challenging to communicate and understand the work in Japanese. In particular, it can be difficult to understand when it comes to business and specialized terminology.

Time and Energy Constraints

The time and energy you devote to your part-time job may reduce the time and energy you have to focus on your studies. International students need to put their studies first, so you need to find a good balance between part-time work and your studies.

Some workplaces may require problem-solving, but since most part-time jobs are simple tasks, it may be questionable whether spending a lot of time working there will lead to increased future income.

Visas and Work Restrictions

Student visas have restrictions regarding part-time work. Some student visas restrict the number of hours worked per week (usually up to 28 hours) and the types of work permitted, so it is necessary to check the appropriate visa type and conditions.

Please note that you and your employer will be penalized if you violate the working hours restrictions.

What You Need to Know to Pass an Interview for a Part-Time Job


Express Your Positive Attitude and Motivation

It is important to show your willingness and motivation during the interview. Tell them why you are interested in the part-time job, how you want to contribute to the company, and your motivation and goals.

Appropriate Clothing and Grooming

Be sure to dress and groom yourself appropriately for the interview. Clean clothes, a neat haircut, and a clean appearance make a good impression.

However, this is only a general rule. If you want to work somewhere more flexible and feel that your attire suits the job, don't bother changing your usual self.


It is important to showcase your strengths and past experiences during the interview. Prepare your self-promotion, and be specific about how your skills and experience can be applied to the part-time job.

Communication Skills

Clear and appropriate communication skills are essential during the interview. Ensure you answer the interviewer's questions carefully and express your opinions and thoughts clearly.

Enjoy Your Part-Time Job!

Working part-time in Japan can be both fun, but can also be challenging. Nevertheless, it will surely be a great opportunity to make good friends and experience a different culture.

We recommend finding a part-time job in a field that interests you where you can make use of your own characteristics!

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