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Newest Developments in Foreign Recruitment Trends in Japan
Oct 26, 2023
5 min read
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Let me talk about foreign nationals working in Japan. Recently, hiring non-Japanese workers in Japanese companies has been attracting a lot of attention. This is partly because it is becoming more important for companies to be connected to the rest of the world, and partly because the population of Japan is decreasing.

The Foreign Recruitment Trend Situation in Japan

The number of foreign nationals working in Japan is increasing. They need to obtain special documents (visa or residence status). But, there are still some difficulties in hiring foreign nationals, such as language barriers and support needs.

To solve these issues, it is important to consider the working environment and language support.

Advantages of Hiring Foreign Nationals

New Ideas Are Born:

When you have people from other countries working in your company, you get to mix cultures and ways of thinking from different countries, which can be a lot of fun.

This way, new ideas and ways of thinking come out, and we can create more amazing things or think of new things!

You Will Get To Know a Lot of People:

Foreign nationals know a lot about different countries and languages, and are good at finding out what products are popular around the world and new business opportunities.

They are very good at finding out what products are popular around the world and what new business opportunities exist. Thanks to the presence of foreign people, the company can be known by many more people!

Latest Trends in Hiring Foreign Nationals

In Japan, more and more foreign nationals are being hired for various jobs.

Especially in the fields of "computer work" and "engineering work," more and more companies are hiring many very capable foreign nationals. The government is also supporting this trend and is working hard to improve programs and documentation rules to make it easier for foreign students to work in Japan.

But companies are thinking of better ways to select their foreign nationals. For example, they are reviewing their interview and testing procedures to ensure that they are selecting people based on their abilities and experience.

There are also more and more online interviews and job search websites, making it more efficient and fair for everyone to find people from other countries. All of these factors make hiring foreign nationals more and more important in Japan, and it is expected that the number of foreign nationals will increase in various jobs and places.

More Foreign Nationals Hired in Diverse Occupations

Computer jobs," "medical jobs," and "construction jobs" are also increasingly hiring our foreign nationals!

For example, in computer work, there are many foreign engineers (technical professionals) working for us. Thanks to them, Japanese technology will become even more advanced and competitive with the rest of the world.

And in the medical field, we need professionals from many different countries. With the increasing number of elderly people in Japan, it is important for professionals from various countries to work together in order to provide quality medical care.

In addition, construction work requires young people, he says. That is why some companies are trying to hire people from other countries and bring in new talents.

Companies are also making various efforts so that everyone can work hard.

The Government's Efforts in Recruiting Foreign Nationals

Introduction of the Specified Skilled Worker

  1. Thanks to the introduction of the Specified Skilled Worker, more and more foreign nationals have the opportunity to work in Japan, solving the problem of lack of skills needed for work.

  2. The number of foreign nationals is increasing in a variety of fields, such as agriculture and construction, because of the variety of jobs available on the Specified Technical Visa.

Strengthening Japanese Language Education Programs and Promoting Cultural Exchange

  1. When hiring people from other countries, language is very important. Therefore, the government is improving programs for Japanese language study and helping our foreign nationals to speak better.

  2. Likewise, it is also important to learn about each other's culture, and everyone is making efforts to respect each other.

Supporting the Acceptance of Immigrants to the Region Through the Rural Development Project

  1. There are projects underway in local towns and villages in Japan to help foreign nationals come and live there. In the project, we are helping foreign people to live in the area and make it comfortable for them.

  2. We are also trying to encourage more interaction between the locals and our foreign nationals, so that more jobs can be created and more money can be made in the community.

Important Points in Recruiting Foreign Nationals

There are a few important things to keep in mind when welcoming foreign nationals to work. In order for everyone to enjoy working together, we need to keep the following in mind.

Find the Good Points

It is important to think of ways to find out what foreign nationals are good at and what they are doing well. This will make it more fun for everyone to work together.

Speak in Simple English or Japanese

People who speak with people from other countries practice speaking and try to communicate well what they need to do their jobs. Therefore, in order to get to know people from other countries better, it is necessary to speak in easy Japanese and simple English that they can easily understand.

Knowing Each Other’s Country and Culture

It is important to know each other's country and culture. This makes it easier for everyone to work together and respect each other.

Reference: Handbook for Foreign Workers in Japan
Reference: Visa (for the purpose of employment or long-term stay)


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