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Working as an IT Engineer in Japan: 5 Things You Must Know
Apr 09, 2024
5 min read
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In tech-savvy Japan, it’s no surprise that the world of web and software engineering is constantly growing and developing. But currently, Japan can’t keep up with the demand for technology growth—and that’s where an IT engineer like you comes in.

IT Engineer Jobs in Japan: What You Must Know

If you have an interest and the right background for IT engineering, you’ll find many opportunities in Japan! There are many benefits to these jobs, as well as a few key requirements to be prepared for. Whether you’re searching for your first engineering job in Japan, or looking for a new position and company within this field, here are five things to know before getting started:

IT Engineers Are Majorly in Demand

There's currently a high demand for web and software engineers in Japan, which is one of the main reasons why Japan is the perfect place to find an engineering job.

In many fields, Japan’s aging population means that there simply aren’t enough Japanese people to fill these positions. And this is especially true for IT and software engineers. In fact, there aren’t enough Japanese students graduating with studies in engineering and technology to fill the openings in the job market.

That’s why Japan is turning to foreign IT talent to bring their expertise and experience to this understaffed field. If you have an interest in staying in Japan, and you have IT knowledge, you’re a prime candidate for engineering jobs in Japan!

You Need the Right Language Skills

While there are some IT jobs in Japan that don’t require Japanese skills, knowing Japanese is important and even essential for many positions. Be prepared to have at least conversational speaking skills, as well as reading and writing skills using kanji.

If your first language isn’t Japanese, though, this can also be an asset when working in engineering. Many web and software engineering jobs in Japan work with teams and clients from other countries, so in many cases, you can still use your native language skills on the job!


There Are Openings Around the Country

Engineers in the IT field are needed for a variety of industries, meaning that there are plenty of openings across the country. You can find openings in big cities such as Tokyo, Osaka, and Sapporo, as well as in smaller cities around the country.

Also be aware that many IT jobs are located where large corporations are headquartered, such as in Tokyo and Aichi.

Expect Good Pay and Promotion Opportunities

IT positions in Japan are among some of the highest paying jobs, especially for foreigners. In fact, these positions fall into the number 1 category in our list of the highest paying jobs for foreigners.

This means you can expect a comfortable salary in these engineering positions, as well as opportunities for promotions and raises.

IT Engineering is Especially Important Work in Japan

In Japan, IT engineering positions are overwhelmingly understaffed, and without the right people to fill these positions, there is a great risk of security issues, data breaches, and system failures in companies and organizations across the country.

There’s proof of this in recent years in Japan. In 2018, cryptocurrency exchange Coincheck Inc. was hacked due to a shortage of software engineers in Japan. More recently in early 2021, the popular messaging app LINE suffered a data breach while storing user data overseas in China, likely due to the lack of resources and engineers available locally in Japan. Though they have since moved data to Japan, this signals, even more, the significance of having enough resources and IT engineering professionals within the country.

What's It Like Being a Web or Software Engineer in Japan?

Being a web or software engineer in Japan allows you to use your IT skills and background to help others, playing an important role in your workplace. Working together as a team is important in this job, especially in Japan and within traditional Japanese work culture. Expect to learn a lot from your peers and managers, who will typically give you directions and training along the way.

In some cases, you may also have the chance to work in Japan for a foreign firm. For example, this job opening allows you to work in Osaka for a London-based company.

Depending on your position, you may also have the chance to work completely remotely, and in some cases, you can even choose your hours based on your own personal preference and lifestyle - perfect for night owls!

How to Get a Job as an IT Engineer in Japan

To land a job in Japan in web and software engineering, be prepared to have at least some education and experience in this field.

While some IT engineers are able to secure jobs with very little background or knowledge, the most desirable candidates (and the ones most likely to be offered these job opportunities) are those who have studied IT and know their way around engineering projects. This might mean doing an engineering internship or taking up some freelance work in your free time.

If you don’t have much experience, that’s okay! For some positions, you aren’t required to have extensive background and education in IT engineering because the company will train you to have the right skills and know-how for the job.

Aside from tech skills, be ready to flaunt your Japanese language skills as well. It’s helpful to be able to communicate with your teammates in Japanese, and working towards a mid-to-high level of Japanese (such as the JLPT N3 or higher) will help you be successful at work.

Finally, to get your dream engineering job in Japan, be sure to check out Guidable Jobs! Ready to submit your application? Here are three jobs looking for engineers like you:


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