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Substantial Bonus! 100% Overtime Pay! Full-Time Position Available at Sushi Restaurant


Substantial Bonus! 100% Overtime Pay! Full-Time Position Available at Sushi Restaurant

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No problem, even if it's your first time! Many foreign workers are enrolled!
Support system to learn from scratch!
Safe because it is a major company! Easy to work for us long-term.

Job Information

Job Type
Restaurant / Kitchen Staff
Work Type
・Nagoya City All Areas, Aichi Pref.
・Saitama All Areas, Saitama Pref.
・Tokyo All Areas, Tokyo
・Kanagawa All Areas, Kanagawa Pref.
230,000 ~ 412,000 / month

Job Requirement

Japanese Level
English Level
□ Can work at least 5 days per week, 8 hours per day
□ Japanese conversational level: Can make simple conversation
□ Japanese reading and writing level: N4
□ Commute by car is OK
□ Permanent Resident, Spouse Visa, Long-term Resident, Specially Designated Activities No. 46, and Technically Qualified Nationals are welcome.

Job Description

▼Job Responsibilities
No experience necessary! We have a full support system where you can learn from scratch! As a store manager candidate, you will be entrusted with floor work first.

We are looking for a manager candidate to join our team at Sushiro.
We welcome you as a Store Manager Candidate at Sushiro, a revolving sushi restaurant.
You will start with basic store operations.

First, as a store staff member, you will learn the basics of serving customers, working in the hall, and cooking.
We provide training for each position, such as how to hold sushi, cash register, and customer service, so you can learn one by one!

Let's increase the number of duties you can perform one by one.
The basics of creating a restaurant are "people, things, money, and risks".
Specifically, shift management, sales management, hygiene management, etc.
You can learn one by one.

Basic salary from 230,000 yen + various allowances

Example of monthly income with no experience
Approx. 320,000 yen (base salary 230,000 yen + housing allowance 33,000 yen + family allowance 4,000 yen + overtime allowance 57,000 yen)
*Salary increases as needed for hard work!
*The rent allowance of 33,000 yen is an example for the 23 wards of Tokyo.

Average annual salary of all employees is 5,377,000 yen
Average annual salary of manager is 6,217,000 yen

Twice a year (June and December)
We evaluate the efforts of each and every employee!
In addition to salary, bonuses are paid according to hard work!

<Allowance details>
All transportation expenses are paid.
100% overtime pay
Housing allowance *Regulations apply.
Promotion allowance
Family allowance

▼Contract Period
No fixed term of contract

▼Working Days and Hours
Shift system
Daily working hours: 8 hours 00 minutes to 10 hours 00 minutes

Variable working hours system on a monthly basis (average of 40 hours per week)
*About 30 hours of overtime per month/100% of overtime paid in full!

<Shift example>
11:00 - 20:00, 12:00 - 21:00, 14:00 - 23:00
*Store hours are 11:00-23:00 (depending on each store)
*No all-night hours!

▼Overtime Details
Variable working hours system on a monthly basis (average of 40 hours per week)
Overtime: Approx. 30 hours per month / 100% of overtime paid in full

2 days off per week (8 to 9 days off per month. Days of the week are based on shifts)

[Annual holidays]
108 days

[Vacation System]
Year-end and New Year vacations
New Year holidays
Maternity leave
Maternity and paternity leave
Childcare leave
Nursing care leave

2 days off for all employees

Average annual leave, including paid holidays and all store holidays, is 120 days or more!
(Actual results, 126 days in FY2019, 121 days in FY2020, 119 days in FY2021)

We encourage employees to take 5 consecutive days off twice a year!
If you become a manager, you can create your own shift, so it is possible to take 3 consecutive holidays. If you become a store manager, you can create your own shift, so you can take 3 consecutive holidays.

▼Company Location
1-22-2, Esaka-cho, Suita-shi, Osaka 564-0063, Japan

▼Work Location
Stores in Kanto area and Aichi Prefecture
■Working only in a block of your choice
Work within the block of your choice
*There is relocation

■Area limited work
You can work within the company's defined area without moving from your home address.
No relocation outside the area unless agreed.
*Stores within an hour's commute from the designated location.

▼Available Insurance
Health insurance
Employees' Pension
Employment insurance
Workers' Accident Compensation Insurance

Family allowance
Housing allowance (10,000 yen to 33,000 yen per month depending on area)
Allowance for moving to a new residence alone
Transportation allowance to return home (twice a month for single employees)
Vehicle management allowance
Transfer allowance
Special allowance (for store managers engaged in setting up new stores)
Dormitory for single employees (monthly expenses: 20,000 yen and up)
Meal subsidy
Employee stock ownership plan
Uniform rental
Long-service award system
Special system for retirement benefits
Company defined contribution pension plan (DC)
Group long-term disability income compensation insurance
Celebration and condolence visitation system
Medical checkups and physical examinations
Full moving expense subsidy (provided upon joining the company and upon relocation)

▼Smoking Information
Total ban on smoking in land-locked areas

About Company

Sushiro has held the top spot in the conveyor-belt sushi market since 2011 for over 10 consecutive years, and its sales have continued to increase! Since its establishment in 1984, Sushiro has evolved in terms of taste by carefully selecting ingredients and cooking sushi in its restaurants, with the goal of providing customers with a full meal of delicious sushi.

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