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(Full-time) Find a restaurant job that suits you! Kitchen Staff / Hall Staff / Pizzaiolo

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(Full-time) Find a restaurant job that suits you! Kitchen Staff / Hall Staff / Pizzaiolo

Job Information

Job Type
Work type
¥220,000〜380,000 / month *depends on experience and skill

Job Requirement

Japanese level
English level

・ Person who has experience in customer service
・ Experience in restaurants
・ Speakers who can speak Italian, Spanish and/or English

Job Description

[Job Content]
◎ Kitchen staff
The detailed conditions vary depending on the size of the restaurant, the type of business, and the content of the dishes. However, each store has the environment where you can use the latest kitchen equipment and seasonal ingredients from around the world, not only from Japan, but also from experienced chefs.
◎ Hall staff
In a casual store, you can work closely with customers, and in a formal restaurant, you can practice courteous hospitality.
It is an environment where you can gain a wide variety of experiences.
Duties include customer information, ordering, serving food, and preparation for cooking.
◎ Pizziolo (Pizza artisan)
Naples pizza is one of the specialties of Naples, and also a staple of Italian cuisine. Cuoco (chefs) and pizza-iolo (pizza artisans) require different skills and experiences.
We have a dedicated department for those who wish to eat pizza. And under a pizza specialist, we have a curriculum that teaches each person the craft of making pizza.
【Working hours】
10: 00-23: 00 * Shift system
[Salary Example]
○ Hall
Hall experience (10 years, 31 years old) ¥ 295,000 / month
Hall experience (18 years, 36 years old) ¥ 380,000 / month
○ Kitchen
Cooking experience (6 years, 26 years old)¥280,000 / month
Cooking experience (14 years, 33 years old) ¥ 350,000 / month
○ Pizzaiolo (pizza artisan)
Pizza (3 years exoerience) ¥ 280,000 / month
Pizza inexperienced ~ ¥ 220,000 / month
* Uniform lending
* Social insurance system
* 150 yen per meal
*paid holidays
* Summer / Winter Special Holiday
* Condolence leave
* Transportation expenses (up to ¥ 30,000 / month)
【Work location】
Store type: Italian, pizzeria, Spanish food, Spanish bar, Japanese food, Teppanyaki
Ginza, Marunouchi, Roppongi, Nihonbashi, Futakotamagawa, Shinagawa
* Stores close to home or stores that match the concept

About Company


Granada Ltd. operates approximately 20 Italian, Spanish and Japanese restaurants in Tokyo and Nagoya.
We have a wide range of restaurants, ranging from everyday shops where you can spend your time with friends and colleagues, to the Grand Maison, where you can enjoy spectacular food with your closest friends.

Each restaurant has an individual concept based on the location and needs of the customer. We offer dishes based on the unique talents of the chefs and hall staff of each restaurant, based on experiences cultivated in the home and place of study, and dishes that use seasonal ingredients. Not only the cooking, but the design of the store also varies from restaurant to restaurant.

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